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    I don’t really like this place. Their ice cream flavors are basic and the muffin I got here was rather hard. The scoop sizes are also worrisome. I know we are still in a recession but come on. The ice cream attendants are also absent minded. I had to repeat my order four times before the guy understood.

    Also I dislike places with a dark, moody vibe to it and ICF has that sort of vibe. Why are the walls dark brown?? An ice cream place should have white clean walls and glass so that you can see when it’s dirty.
    Especially in Lagos where hygiene isn’t most people’s priority. Any restaurant with a shady brownish vibe (and it’s not like a romantic dinner spot), please count me out.

    ICF please work on your staff and interior.

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    I’ve been going to ICF for almost 10 years now. Their service has never been worse in all these years. My friends and I had to call for the waiters several times before we were given menus and waited almost 30mins for ice cream to be scooped and brought to our table. When we finished, we chatted for over 40mins before the waiter came back to clear the table. It’s so sad to see how lax the service has become.

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    Milkshake was meh. Cost 1400 naira. I was really craving a milkshake and upon googling decided to check out ice cream factory. I asked for the dulche de leche flavor milkshake. It came in a very small cup and didn’t really taste like a milkshake should. I guess I should have gotten a cookie instead ?

  4. Kome G
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    I live in Lekki and ordered icf waffles and ice-cream for delivery. Waffles tasted yummy! I decided I didn’t want the ice cream anymore so I didn’t taste it. 3 star rating because I wasn’t informed of a delivery fee of 300 naira. Had to go and look for extra cash???


  5. SandraGee_
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    Soo! Icf recently reviewed their prices, I think they added like a 100 bucks to everything . Anyways, I had the butter pecan waffle and icecream and I loved it. I like the 2 scoops of ice cream o efe, before they reduce it.nice ambience. However I had a problem with my waiter, he was too forward.

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      If the waiter didn’t approach us now, we’d say he wasn’t attentive lol. The guy could have been a little less forward sha but overall service wasn’t bad. I totally LOVE ICF and I’m happy to see the business is expanding. They still have the best waffles I’ve had and their dulce de leche ice cream is yum yum…

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    Thanks Efe for your very honest review – especially the compliments:). We are currently fine tuning our brand vis a vis our VI outlet so please watch this space. Our plan is to keep pushing the whole dessert restaurant experience in Lagos as far as it can go. We hear you loud and clear.

    Btw, glad you noticed our rejigged waffle creation as compared to your 2012 VI review. Things will only get better.

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      Amen to that!

      Appreciate the comment, and happy to know y’all are listening 🙂

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    I remember that particular waiter…cos he had muscles and wore a tight shirt, led him to believe girls would lust over him as they purchased ice cream.

    He probably gets that a lot hence the attitude but on that fine evening, the beautiful Efe just didnt fall for his antics. Funny viewing if u ask me…lol

    Anyway, i had a couple of spoons and it was really gooood. The waffle and icecream melts on your tongue perfectly. A fantastic combo and i was inclined to purchase just by tasting but my better judgement told me not to. I am not a fan of sugar; but as an admire of quality products, thier serving was mighty impressive.

    I think its the perfect spot for a lunch date and meet up. (Considering the chinese restaurant upstairs)

    P.s thier parking lot took more than 6 cars. 🙂

  8. SandraGee_

    Nice.. We were supposed to go there together o, you slyed me. I don’t even know when I ll try them as im not within the island..

    but beau review, and your signature, please teach me how you did it,

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      LOLOL! You dulled nau?!? I was trying to go with you but you came late on said day..smh. I loved the waffles so we’ll go back, don’t worry… 🙂

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