Listed and first reviewed on: 06/17/12

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    I'm a huge huge huge icecream factory fan! Feels like u step into anoda world wen u get there….I'm supposed to be lactose intolerant but I can bear the discomfort for their icecream.
    One time,I had 4 scoops of their icecream *coversfaceinshame*
    Three issues though
    1. Major ish for me,their choc cake is too dry!as a chocaholic,I'm quite particular abt my cakes,and d only way to enjoy theirs is wit d icecream(mayb its a market strategy)
    2. The space and 3. The waffles. RN has dealt with those so I won't waste my energy
    But all in all,I love icecream factory so much I can almost go there anyday
    And their icecream doesn't trigger my lactose intolerance for some reason,so yay!

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    Love this place!!

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    I'm a pretty big fan of icecream factory's sundaes, I look forward to them everytime I'm home. I agree the waffles taste a little off. It's a really great chill spot with friends

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