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    I stopped going there when I found out the only nice employee (dark pretty lady) no longer works.. she had a nice way of helping customers get what they want.. she was polite, and very cordial. The truth is, no matter how cheap or expensive a store is, if there’s no good customer service, no customer will feel welcomed.

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      “The truth is, no matter how cheap or expensive a store is, if there’s no good customer service, no customer will feel welcomed”…Preach! Please tell these Nigerian establishments oh!!

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    poor services. The attendants just keep shouting for u to put cloths back on the hangers over and over till it becames annoying, for heavens sake we are not deaf. Then they dont even have a rest room for customers only for staff which i found highly annoying. The pos never works. Unfriendly attendants. The cloths are ok tho but its filled with short dresses and tiny strap clothes.

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    Ijk is d only store I knw dt inflates price during festive perios,esp. Xmas, dt’s y I cnt shop wit dem again. Their security personal r very rude,particularly a fair lady dt’s fond of shewing gum loudly disturbing d peace of client wit d sound of her bubble gum. Ijk has lost it, excpt dey try reduced their prices&get a more customer friendly staff.

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    I fell in love the first time I went to the shop. Good guality things, nice ambience that just screamed “shop!shop!!shop!!!” I introduced my whole family to the shop and we became like addicts.I was always dropping by to pick a shoe here, a dress there. i’m one of those mood shoppers. I used to go to shoprite but there’s food there and i’m running away from food. I went back to ijk May this year and my goodness shoes were going for 7-8k, same kind I’d gotten for 1-2k before. So, it was clear the low initial prices had been a gimmick to get customers.*sigh* Naija people sha. And no they do not have POS. So, we have stopped going there.

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    Its true.. They don’t have POS.. Such big store.. Cashless Nigeria indeed.

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    The great IJK. The thought of going there was more fun for me than the actual act…. The price had gone up way more than I was told and I could only get two items! The attendant was frowning at me also and they don’t have a POS machine so I had to go look for an ATM. Pretty annoying.

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      how recent was your visit? not sure which kind of store doesn’t have pos in this modern day & age…

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    It is quality tho. With the tag on and all. Its still extortion. ! Thieves.

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    I remember going to IJK when they just started, their items were really cheap. Clothhes going for 500 naira . But now , they have customers, they have now increased price, *hiss*

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      lolol sonia…so would you say they have quality stuff though?

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