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    I am very dissatisfied with the poor level of service at Ikoyi Club especially after paying so much to be member. I recently went there to have an afternoon lunch after a long day at work and i was discriminated due to my dressing.Apparently i was not dressed posh enough to be in the bar area and i was embarrassed and ushered out, mind you i was wearing a blouse and trousers.

    This was such a bad experience and at this rate i will not be renewing my membership, this club need a total revamp with new staff that focus on providing a great experience for the customers. There seems to be a lot of old staff that have no respect for customers and only still retain their job because they are friends with the people in the management.

    Please this is a business and not a family backyard.

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    Very good read…i tend to agree with everything you highlighted in this review. In additon, the affordable pricing stuck out to me and i went on to ask one of my close friends on how to become a member…his answer was quite brief…’get connection’

    In nigeria, we all know what that means and frankly i am not mad at his answer; simply because the prestige of ikoyi club should be protected for worthy members only. However, they should make the procedure more transparent than ‘get connection’.

    Well done RN!

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      Get connection…lolol

      Side note – if you scroll to the bottom of this page there’s information on Ikoyi Club membership criteria and application process 🙂

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