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    Isoken! Saw the movie on Saturday after so much hype about it and because I couldn’t afford to wait any longer.
    Straight to the point:
    1. The story line was quite predictive, I mean we all follow NSG so we know about the struggle.
    2. I loved Kukua’s character, she was my favorite followed by Kevin
    3. Joseph Benjamin’s acting wasn’t lit like I know it to be.
    4. Damilolo Adegbite’s character was out of place, she was too toyish.
    5. Some scenes were too long, way too long

    It was a great watch though, Glad I wasn’t the one who paid for the movie still.

    1. Kome G

      Lol! If you’d paid for the movie you won’t have been happy?

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    can’t go wrong with a rom-com especially a nigerian one done well. Would definitely watch it again and recommend it to friends and family

    story line was so cheesy and cute which is what I expected from a rom-com, only issues I had with the direction were:

    Audio syncing – noticed that the audio was out of sync in some scenes especially the opening one

    Scene transition –was not the best

    Choice of lenses – again not the best, a lot of the scenes were too close up on the actors faces, maybe a wider lens would have been a better choice, and I also noticed that there were some scenes where some characters were not in focus

    1. Kome G

      You’re either a photographer or a videographer…. Am I right or am I right?

      Appreciate the review! Hope you’ll add other reviews on the site soon… ?

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    I actually really enjoyed the movie. Its an easy, feel good, highly relatable and warm story. I didn’t mind the pace at all cos the beauty was in the character depth they were trying to create so it was easy to join Isoken to fall and even easier to understand her dilemma. I love fast paced thrillers and all, but Isoken made me smile. I will watch again if I had the time. On the contrary, I could not watch Wedding Party again even if they were sharing Nigerian Jollof and fried over ripe plantain at the venue….with peppered chicken…

    1. Kome G

      Rotflol. This review cracked me up. You’ve said so many nice things so why a 3 star rating vs. 4 or 5?

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    I really liked the job. It was funny and had some important lessons for ladies

    1. Kome G

      What did you like the most about the movie? I’ve found that most people felt like it was very relatable…

  5. Yve
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    I really liked the movie. I don’t think we’ve had a true chick flick from Nollywood before. I think it was a well thought out and well executed production.

    High points:

    1. The cast – the casting was on point. Everyone brought their A game. Nod to Bolinto, I’m not sure if this is her first role buy she carried it well. Dakore – she’s old Nollywood gold and gorgeous to boot, still a great actress. Tina Mba overdid it abit on my opinion though.

    Soundtrack – Nigerian alte gold ( lol I know I said good again). The soundtrack had me shazaming and apple-musicing like crazy.

    Storyline – After a thousand and one Hollywood movies with no clear storyline it was refreshing to have one with a nice story line
    Predictable? Yes but I don’t really care. It rough back warm memories of mills and boon novels. I’ve outgrown mills and boon but I’m all for a good romance movie.

    Eye Candy – Where do I start? Isoken’s baby brother, the chocolate love interest, the yummy vanilla love interest. Sigh, my sisters all I can say is “God is good”

    Wardrobe – Dakore’s costumes were beautiful.


    Audio syncing – whoever did this bit was the weakest link. However I only seriously noticed the issues seriously at the beginning.

    Scene transition – Needs alot of improvement. Made me realize that when I watch Hollywood movies I rarely notice when the scene changes from one to another because it’s typically seamless

    Jadesola Osiberu has transcended “Skinny Girl in Transit” and “Isoken” is worth a watch. I’m going to the cinemas to see it again.

    1. Kome G

      Very honest…I like! Thanks for the thorough review!

      I was wondering re: all the skinny girl in transit characters….Jade is affiliated with SGIT?

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