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    I was referred to this market (specifically 1 store) by Efe G when I was looking for a good place to purchase Ankara handbags as gifts.

    I visited Zainab’s store, but I don’t have her number unfortunately. She has about 12 or 16 stores (can’t recall the exact number) within the market. She had so many styles and patterns of bags to choose from; it was so overwhelming. I wanted everything! I walked out of the store with 12 handbags and 5 clutches. And yes!, I went in there with my bargaining hat on and I may have walked out with a better price than the person who referred me :D.
    Zainab was awesome, very accomodation lady. I didn’t have enough cash on me but she allowed me to take the bags and trusted me to transfer the funds into her bank account. God bless her because I couldn’t do that … not in Lagos. She also helped me look for an iPhone charger when my phone blacked-out in the process of sending bag pictures to my friends who wanted to buy some. Very sweet lady. I will visit her again.

    Unfortunately, I only visited her store at this market since I didn’t have the luxury of time to explore. In fact, I didn’t realize that I could find other cool souvenirs at this market until I read the other reviews. So I am definitely going back!

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    Love this place! Went to this market 3 times in one week. It has so much to offer. This is a really great market to get souvenirs and small gifts for friends. I am really into fabrics and clothing and they had so much to offer. Each time I went, I saw new material and dresses. Majority of the fabric are 6 yards. The best thing to do is look around as much as you can and bargain! Many shops sell the same things, so if one person does not want to budge on their ask price, don’t waste too much time, just find it elsewhere. It is very easy to get caught up looking at everything, so try to go with a plan of the types of things you want to buy.

    Come casual and prepared to walk around a lot. Make sure to go with a friend and it would be even better if your friend was good at bargaining prices. At this market, you are the price maker, but play nice. One vendor actually got mad because he thought we were pricing too low. Overall, best market I visited while in Nigeria, and you will definitely work up an appetite after going.


  3. qrstuviola
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    Searched on reviewnaija for cool places to visit that was outside the norm: bars, restaurants etc the “Top Spots for Christmas” has been very helpful this last week.

    I really enjoyed Jakande market, they had such a wide variety of things to buy. I was spoilt for choice.
    As mentioned above, the things can be initially pricey but with some good bargaining – you can get the price down.
    I love the bags in one particular store – soo many nice bags, so little money.

    It’s totally worth going to the market at some point this Christmas. I got some gifts for friends when I get back home. I’ll definitely return again before I leave to get a few more things, especially as I have a better idea of prices.
    I’ll focus on artwork next time.




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      thanks Sir! do you plan on visiting?

  4. SandraGee_

    Lovely review.. But I used to get my art work from Yaba,But then tejuosho has been cleared.

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