Listed and first reviewed on: 02/10/16

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  1. Kome G
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    Ordered a dozen cupcakes for my sis via Jayne’s Cravings..cost 6500. Cupcakes were delivered in the morning as agreed and looked beautiful. My sis liked it, so mission accomplished.

    The only drawback was that delivery from Ikoyi to Lekki cost 2500, which I think is a bit in the high side.

  2. Avatar
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    I was visiting my friend and saw that her bf had gifted her vals day cupcakes from here. They looked so pretty so I asked for 1. Tasted it and was quite dissapointed. The cake was not at all moist. I couldn’t even eat the remaining of it. Rather unfortunate. Perhaps their cakes are good but the cupcake wasn’t

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    The 60th birthday cake looks really good at first glance; then look a lil closer….you’ll see its rough around the edges.

    Great concept though….Well done!

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