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    Well, for me Joms slimming pills gave me serious chest pain and jitters. I had to go off them for a while. Then I restarted. It elongated my period with very heavy bleeding. Again I stopped. Not wanting to waste my money I tried yet again. This time, it made me hungry. For something that’s supposed to help with your appetite, that’s a no no. Coffee helps with your appetite for a few hours though. I think it contains sibutramine which also has all these side effects and has also been banned in the US.

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    These pills are fraudulent! The first day I took them I was very nauseous. I thought that because it was a new medication, my body was adjusting. However, the second day I felt worst!

    I contacted the person I got it from and she confirmed with me they there are no side effects. This immediately is a red flag because there isn’t any medication is this world that does not have any side effect. Plus, I couldn’t even take any pain killer or benedryl with them

    She is not a medical doctor so she should not be advising that there is no side effects because she does not know.

    To conclude, I went to th emergency room. If you want to lose weight, the natural way is the best way to go!

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