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    I hate Jumia.My first and only experience was disappointing.It was not d timing but the quality of d products.I ordered for two dresses which I got after two days.D mistake I made was dat, blinded by trust,I paid on delivery without checking out d dresses b4 paying.Well,turns out dat d dresses were of cheap looking and inferior materials.Not worth even half of d price at all.One of d dresses even looked like it was cut and sewn cos I later noticed d tag was sewn to it.I tried retutning one of d dresses to no avail as d CS agents were tossing mi to nd fro.Wld neva recommend it to a friend.Wld rather talk a friend out of buying esp dresses from dem.

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    If any item isn’t available then it shouldn’t be listed on their website. I ordered a foot wear, it was supposed to be a gift, only for Jumia to send a message (not call) that the item is out of stock! Then take if of the site or indicate that it’s out of stock.

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    okay…. now am scared and i dont wanna buy anymore because i planned 2 pay with my mastercard before delivery because it is a gift to someone. is konga any better?

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    You not alone my friend same thing happened to me

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    Ladybird you are lucky you did payment on delivery, tried placing an order on the 28th of February 2014, my money was taken, no order generated, no order confirmation, now they have my money it’s been 2 weeks now. God help me

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    My first and only experience with shopping with Jumia was disastrous. I ordered and paid for an item ( used my MasterCard) on November 17,2013. By December ending I hadn’t received my item from them. When I called, the customer service agents tossed about, before informing me that they are still processing my order. No apologies, no explanations. When I eventually got really upset in January, they started cutting my calls. Mind you, I had paid since Novembe 2013.

    Now, January 10, they delivered the item which was utterly useless at that time. So I actually wasted my time and lost money because I depended on Jumia. Worst customer service ever.

    I do not hesistate to discourage my dear friends and internet shoppers to stay far away from Jumia since then. I advise they buy from Asos, Amazon . At least you will get your items from these places in the same month.


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    I placed an order at on the 30th of december, by the 9th of january, they called me to tell me that the item was out of stock! I requested a refund from them and I was told within 3 to 5 days I will receive it, 27 working days later, I haven’t received the said refund. I have called their customer care line everyday for the past 3 weeks and still I haven’t been refunded. I am beginning to feel like the victim of a con.

    1. SandraGee_

      I ordered for a camera from jumia recently and changed my shipping address, but they kept sending it to the old address, I had to beg the delivery guy to bring it to me and i even had to pay and it was supposed to be free. jumia tho. pluss they have very rude customer service.

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    My dad ordered for a 22inch LED tv on Jumia, so anxious but the only discouraging is that I don’t trust this Jumia people oooo……I need help pls!

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    I think Jumia should just quit… Waste of time! Why should an order take 5 days to deliver within Lagos? If we need to pay for Express shipping please make that option available.

    I made an order on the 25th, thank God i opted for cash on delivery. This is the third day and my order is still been processed. How long does it take to process an order really?

    I would give them a few more days but in the meantime I’m gonna call them to check on the status of the order and why it hasn’t been shipped still…

    Please these folks need to learn from store in other countries.

    1. SandraGee_

      I totally understand how annoying it is to receive ordered items late, but we have to consider the fact that Jumia is quite large and popular and its possible they have loads of customers as at now . Secondly , I will strongly suggest you call the customer care and find out if the products ordered for are available or are out of stock and need to be purchased . Jumia is not as bad as you think they are . I have used them several times recently and I have been enjoying shopping with them . Be patient.

      SandraGee_ • ReviewNaija

  10. Sandra G
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    Jumia really needs to get bigger sizes when it comes to dresses

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    Shopping with Jumia has been a disappointing experience for me. First order was for a bluetooth earpiece. I tried it in the evening when I got home and found out it wasn’t working with my device. I sent it back the very next day and asked for a replacement. I was told they had troubleshot and that the device was now working, and that their policy was to return the exact same purchased product. I said no thank you, I would like a replacement as this is a completely unused product. It was obviously degenerating in to an argument when I cut it short and asked for a refund. Luckily, I got my refund. Second experience was ordering Mouka Foam foldable mattresses. They were already a couple of days late so I called them on a Monday morning. I was told they were trying to procure the item, had successfully done so and would deliver on a Wednesday. Wednesday morning I get an email from them asking me why it was I had cancelled my order with them and could I provide feedback on how they could provide better service next time or if I would like to reinstate my order. I called customer care and it was at this point I was told that they weren’t able to procure the item. They need to get their act together. I can’t imagine why it was that I was told on Monday that they had procured it and then 2 days later I get that stupid email without anyone thinking to call to tell me first and rephrasing their incompetent email to apologise for not getting the item when it was promised. Thank God I opted for payment on delivery. Money back would have been another wahala.

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    wow… jumia is a very good online shooping site i was woowed by the array of stuff they got on the site,, very affordable stuffs ranging from casual wears to books to ,computer accessories, my first experience was superb.

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    Jumia! Jumia! Jumia! These guys have really done a great job hyping this name lol. I never knew about this company until I didn't stop hearing about them on radio, TV, online (twitter especially), facebook too yeah. So I decided to check out their website. Well I'm not really a fan of online shopping but trust me u may wanna check out this website. They got all you really need mehn! Yeah almost everything!!! With their good quality products, affordable prices! O yeah online shoppping rocks!!!! You gotta check out right now! Don't dull!!!!!!!!!

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