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    I find myself patronizing Jumia a lot of times. Probably because when I want to do online shopping, Jumia is the first place I think of.

    The website is okay and registration and payment are hassle-free. However, the discounts are low so there aren’t any real deals. Delivery time is also slow and most of their delivery men don’t know popular areas in Lagos, so if you’re expecting a delivery, you find yourself calling every 10 minutes.

    Also, if you have any issue, it could take forever to be resolved. The person behind their customer care Twitter handle is also a bit rude.

    @olunasiru on Instagram

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    Over the years, Jumia has improved in their customer service, their delivery time, but some of their products are inferior. The need to stop deceiving Nigerians with their “chinko” products. That being said, one thing I love about Jumia as at now is the fact that I can order products coming in from overseas at a very discounted price with a shipping fee less than N1k. Well so far, I’ve ordered three Lenovo Vibe K5 Note smartphones which would sell in Nigeria for N90,000 (due to exchange rate) but I bought it on Jumia for N55,000 (delivered swiftly via DHL), and the phones are working fine. Now that’s one thing that’s still makimg me stick with Jumia….#smiles.

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    Jumia. Oh Jumia. Why hast thou done me thus?
    My very first time of placing an order on Jumia was a bad experience.
    I ordered for a Wireless Home Theater System and 2 Air conditioners.
    After unpacking the items, I discovered that the home theater system did not have wireless function, so I had to return it.
    Also, one of the a/c that was delivered looked dirty and used. I had to return that one too. The other a/c was ok though.

    Now I am waiting for a replacement. I need the items this weekend but I don’t know if I’d be able to get it this weekend or not.

    It would have been better to go pick the items up from a store. All this headache is really not worth it at all.

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    I heard about jumia frm a friend and I decided to try it out. I made a mistake in the order and wanted to return it or exchange it cuz it was stil well packaged and i had not used it at all but I was told it wasnt possible.
    Now I wonder why businesses fail to remember that their goal is utmost customer satisfaction and I must say I am very very very disappointed in Jumia.
    Why give us a return form if its useless and our complaints aren’t heard….or is it that we customers have no voice anymore???
    Sooo if u want to buy from Jumia, be rest assured that the return form is jes fr display and you won’t be listened to if you want to return any order made.
    I guess I expected better since this was not my first purchase but this will be my last. Well done Jumia…u just lost a loyal customer and many more from me. Except you prove to me that you care abt customers by rectifying my issue.

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    You would feel much better being robbed than buying from JUMIA…Bunch of incompetent people..You pay for goods..they charge outrageous delivery decide to pay anyway and they then cancel your order…okay you ask for refund…they give you a refuse…kiss your money goodbye! That was my experience with them oh….I am yet to have their time NAIRALAND IS WHERE WE WILL SETTLE OUR CASE

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    hello guys, i have a question pls. how do i cancle my order on jumia? i’m tired of waiting for a phone.

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    I enjoyed shopping from jumia till I got to s point where I needed my refund on returned items.
    the entries passed on my vouchet was even wrong and each customer care officer treated my query like they were hearing it for the first time time.
    the annoying part is u dont get feedbacks from them not even Ftet wasting your time to hold on till u get an agent to speak with.they rili shd take a cue from dealdey on that.
    I said I dont wanna shop again yet they insist on vouchet issuance instead of bank refund !
    I tire! Will keep u posted when they respond/refund. 🙁 🙁

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    They’ve probably fired Afam d PR for attempting to help Jumia. Just spoke to Janet and she had no clue wat she was doing. Pass me to ur supervisor or manager and no manager is ever on seat (called a couple of times). Check ur system and give simple info was an impossible feat. God help Nigeria if this is d no 1 shopping wateva. Bn expecting a delivery since last Saturday and I’ve bn waiting and postponing travel date…

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    I just ordered a black berry q10 i hope dey wil deliver it before 7days am geting scared ooo.prayer mood activated

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    I just hate jumia. they delivered a rodent infested product to my door stop,how possible is it for someone to pick up an item for packaging and not notice such damage done to the product. I’m highly disappointed,and I was thinking they were getting better and better.

    1. SandraGee_

      oh wow. I ll try to get this across to customer care.

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    sorry lots of typos…… seriously angry…..

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    Jumia is a fake site. lots of fake electrical gadgets. the phone I bought from them doesnt work anymore. when I called the customer line cause it comes with a warranty they gave me a number and the ad I spoke with said she cant help because it the end of the year. and since I bought it its been one problem to the other. it doesn’t make calls, the back camera doesn’t work and now I doesn’t charge anymore. wat kind of people are these? cant they be sued?

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    JUMIA is full of shit. I will never patronize them again. I have been ordering items from them for some time now and have discovered a trend. They will list an item, when you pay, they will call you 5 days later and inform you that they no longer have the item. Instead of them to return your money, they will automatically give you their store voucher. Unfortunately, if you have several vouchers from different transactions, you can only use one voucher at a time. If you don’t want a voucher and request for your money back, they will take your bank information but never credit you back your money. What a sham! Their customer service reps have taken ‘We are very sorry Sir’ to a new level. In any one conversation, I hear it atleast 18times and I now seriously doubt their sincerity. If you don’t need the hassles, don’t shop JUMIA. The hype is BS.

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    I ordered a laptop on jumia and the wrong model was delivered. I requested for a bank refund. Only for jumia to give me a voucher to purchase on their site. i decided to buy another laptop on Jumia and guess what, jumia repackaged that same wrong model i rejected as my new order. Jumia is just trying to rip me off without giving me a laptop and a cash refund and the useless customer service agents will do nothing but open their useless mouth and lie on the company’s behalf. Its time people see them for the fraudsters that they are. Big fraudsters

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    I ordered a laptop 5days ago. it was delivered 2days ago. I opened d laptop in d evening only to discover that it isn’t working. I called the customer care and I was told someone would come pick it up. uptil now I haven’t seen anybody. I wonder when they will come pick it up and how long it will take for it to be replaced. its so frustrating.

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    Thank Efe. I will try that out. Cheers.

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    Their return process is unduly cumbersome and their customer service interface is unfriendly. They employ all forms of delay tactics to ensure that you have a very difficult time returning an unwanted item.

    Since I discovered online shopping roughly 2 years ago, I have completely turned into a shopaholic. I had my first shopping experience with Jumia and it was good, so I was excited and ordered a number of things from them last year till I ran into some problems with them.

    First Snag
    It started with an order for a skirt. I was very skeptical about making that order – the skirt had no label ( I could not tell who the skirt maker was), but it was the only close thing to what I wanted (needed) at that time. The skirt was almost 9k. When I got the skirt, I paid, entered the rest room at my work place to try it on – needless to say, I was disappointed. The skirt was made from very cheap material, the gold buttons looked nothing like what I had seen on their website and the skirt looked like something you can see hanging at Tejuoso or Lagos market. Of course, I couldn’t pay 9k for such a skirt, so I tried to return it.
    I was put through the grill – what is wrong with the skirt? why do I want to return it? didn’t I see the description? blah blah blah. I patiently answered all their questions, trying very hard to be nice. They eventually forced me to be un”nice” and I told them categorically that the skirt was cheap and not worth the price – kapish. The skirt was eventually picked up. My money was not returned, but credited to my wallet. At the time, I had no problem with that because I had the intention of making future orders.

    2nd snag
    Then I ordered my iPhone 5C from them. I paid 116k for it. It was delivered the next day. Later that day, I checked their website, the price had gone down to 99k. I was so upset, but I could not return it, coz I had opened it. What could I do now. I wrote a comment on their website, but no one got back to me (that is to be expected). Eventually when my sister wanted to buy the same phone, we ordered from Konga.

    This experience coupled with some other experiences I had ordering gifts for a friend’s birthday was enough to put me off them. So I moved on very fast. I found Asos, and even though delivery takes almost 2 months most time, the quality of the items and their customer service were superb. (I find it quite shameful that I reside in Nigeria and I get superb service from an online store not based in Nigeria)

    3rd and final snag

    Recently, I made a major mistake coming back. I needed to buy some fashion items for me and my fiance. I did not have the time to go through Asos as I was working with very strict deadlines. So, I remembered they had sent me a mail a couple of days back asking where I had been and offering me a good discount off my next order. I decided to browse their site to see if there was anything that I wanted. On my first order, I ordered about 5 items. Four of the items were delivered the next day.

    Normally, since the skirt incident, I never pay until I have checked the items (even when the delivery guys had been really rude), I just insist on checking first because I had been through their return process and it was just plain annoying and I didn’t relish having the same experience twice. But unfortunately for me, I was not at work when the items were delivered. My office receptionist called me and I just asked him to get money from the accountant to pay for me ( I should have told the delivery guy to come back, but like I said I was working with strict deadlines).

    When I got back to work, the minute I saw one of the items that I had ordered, I knew I didnt want it. On their website, it had appeared as a white carton coloured chinos. In reality, it was deep khaki brown. I hated it on sight. I decided to give my fiance a chance to see it. I gave it to him and he hated it as well. So we decided to return it.

    I place a second order on October 1 ( I think) and that was delivered on October 2. The total cost of all items was over 50k and the chinos was less than 5k. I called on October 2 (the item was delivered on 29 Sept) to return the item and I was told that someone will come over to get the chinos.

    On Oct 3, I travelled out of Lagos for salah holiday and didnt get back until the following week. I got so busy at work that I couldn’t call to ask how far. Eventually when I had the time to do so, I was told they had no record of the call I had made and that they will track my return. I spoke with one Anu. After she had told me that they will track the call, she offered to sell me some more items (I have a pending problem with your service and you offer to sell things to me!) She promised to look into it. Two days of silence after, I called again and spoke with a Samuel or a John (I am getting confused here). He said he will give me a call later that day, that was over 4 days again. Still no call or email. I just want them to come and take their chinos and give me back my money. I don’t even have time to call them again. I m just too busy. I have been seriously considering giving the chinos to someone (anyone). But I need to make a point with this.

    Their return policy states that you can return items (with a few exceptions) as long as they are in the original state within 14days of delivery. Apart from bringing out the chinos from the wrapper it came in, we have not touched it, so it is in exactly the same condition as it was delivered.The minute you try to return something you don’t like, they turn very unfriendly and query you intensively. Even after a return, they will rather put the money in your wallet than give you back the cash you paid, forcing you to use their crappy business one more time.

    I honestly hope this will be my last time ever shopping with Jumia or Konga (don’t even let me start with that one). Amazon and Asos offer great deals at great prices with minimal stress. The delivery time is crazy, but if you don’t get your items after a while, Asos sends a replacement or a refund. So you are sure to always have your money’s worth.

    Then they all come out and claim to be the No.1 Nigerian online shop. BS!!! Unless of course they mean No. 1 as in the one-eyed man in the land of the blind.

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    I don’t av much to say.
    But pls try to deliver d goods u assured me has been shipped by monday. As it is av made a mistake of ordering n relying on u, hopefully I won’t make a second. In addition train ur delivery men for dey r to rude for my liking, customer satisfaction goes a long way in an ongoing biz!

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    Am afraid 2place my order oo. Wit all dis negative testimonies, I think I shldnt place dis order 4television again. I dnt wnt 2b victim

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    i ordered a samsung flat screen with jumia to ekiti. . i hope it wud get to me oo. una don make fear hold me and i have paid already.

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    Well, well, well. There is hope yet. Jumia finally came through after endless phone conversations and emails in the past two months to refund my money.
    Based on the fact that they made the refund, I placed two separate orders. Hopefully, there won’t be any F.U. this time. All is well.

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    I think i am starting to see a trend here and frankly speaking its high time something is done. Apparently Jumia seem to take advantage of the fact that since people cannot seem to reach them that they can act anyhow!!

    My wife and i got a tablet from Jumia only to notice on the day it was delivered that it had issues….so we immediately called and informed them that the device sold was faulty. They said they would eventually come to pick it up the next day and for almost 9 days till now no one has shown up!!

    I’ve called, my wife has called and sent emails and nothing has happened! Their customer care keep saying the same things they’re programmed to and i;m sick of it!! I’m gonna head to the address i found online and will make sure i raise trouble there so hopefully there will be a physical escalation rather than the so called escalations they’ve been making on their end which i never see or always seem to never yield any results.

    I don’t think i will ever buy anything from them again….at least at Konga you can go their office and physically return the items! Thats an online business that is transparent….Jumia is starting to make people feel they are dubious and fruadulent. Quite sad….they should pay me back my money!!!!

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    Your customer service stinks! They do not understand the concept of Customer Service. Having lived abroad for some donkey years and buying most of my stuff online i.e. Ebay,, Newegg etc and even Dealdey in Nigeria, I was very happy when I discovered Jumia. I have placed more than ten (10) orders with Jumia in the last year but my last order created so much hassles that am not sure I would be buying anything from your company again. I placed an order with your company on July 24, order # 301427492 for five (5) items. Since I previously had a voucher with you on a returned item, I selected the ‘Pay on delivery’ option for the balance. When the items were delivered, my brother gave the delivery guy the balance and received the package. I came back from work to discover that only three (3) of the five (5) items were delivered. I immediately called your customer service and was told the remaining items will be delivered the next day. When the delivery guy came to deliver, he asked for payment for the items. When told that full payment had been made the previous day, he said he needed to call his office and took the items back. Since then, no items or refund! I have sent several emails to your customer care email address (which are never acknowledged) and called more than seven (7) times including today for a refund or voucher but every time, I hear the same story, ‘The issue has been escalated and will be resolved’. When asked to speak to a supervisor, am told the supervisor is on another call and nobody ever calls back! I just need your company to return my money and maybe I will buy from your company again which is not looking that promising right now. Please help resolve this mess. Thank you.

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    I’m about to place an order for a Home theatre, ceiling fan. I want it by tomorrow. Please is it possible? If it isn’t, lemme know now so I can carry my lazy ass out of d office and go to the nearest store.

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    rem sat and sun was counted..if not….i wud say it took dem just 2days to deliva my item after successful transaction

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    realy jumia has improved in deir delivery service…try dem out now…my curve 7 was deliverd yestaday monday….just 4days it took dat cool…tanx jumia

    1. SandraGee_

      4 days ??? and it is cool ? that’s disappointing.

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    i just pray i dont become a victim…i hav successfully placed and order not quite long ago…aldou i havent recid any item yet…anyways is POD i applyd….dey just need to upgrade and fast in deir delivery…7days and above is too far for delivery within nigeria

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    I placed an order on jumia for a clipper and they delivered one cheaper and not what i wanted. Unfortunately, it was received by a colleague…Called their customer care its been a week now nothing, no retrieval, no money back, nothing…I really do not get why we just cant do what’s right up until it escalates out of how hands….

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    please is it possible to cancel an order from jumia before delivery? please I need urgent response

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    please i returned an item, an from the look of things i have no tangible information on when i would be given a voucher for replacement.

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    Hello fellas,U guys r getting me scared of buying anything from Jumia, I wanted to place an order for a HP 250 G1 laptop, pay on delivery but Jumia dont have that for Port-Harcourt. Am not so sure I want to do so anymore, wat do u say Naija peeps

    1. Efe G

      I’m all for having options so I’d say to check out Konga and see if they’d deliver to you in PH with the pay on delivery option. If they would and the price is a little higher, I’d just ask if they’d match Jumia prices and direct them to how much Jumia is offering the laptop for. Can’t guarantee it’d work but it’s worth a shot! 🙂

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    One year after, you’d think their services would have improved!

    I placed 2 orders on the same day to Jumia. Only one was delivered.
    Several calls to their customer care number yielded a continuous promise “You will receive your order before the end of the day!” and the excuse “The issue was with your address” (the same address to which one order was delivered to).
    Till now, I still await my package. The day obviously has not ended !

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    I placed an order at on the 30th of
    december, by the 9th of
    january, they called me to
    tell me that the item was
    out of stock! I requested a
    refund from them and I was
    told within 3 to 5 days I will
    receive it, 27 working days
    later, I haven’t received the
    said refund. I have called
    their customer care line
    everyday for the past 3
    weeks and still I haven’t
    been refunded. I am
    beginning to feel like the
    victim of a con

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    I am so upset right now. Jumia Nigeria sucks! I had to wait for 7 days to get my order within Lagos oooo .Like that was not bad enough,I finally got the Blackberry Touch 1 on the 28th of feb, the battery is always running down,when i take a picture with the camera the blackberry sometimes goes off,and id have to do a hard reset on it,i cant pick up calls except i slide it up. in just 3 days this blackberry has shown all sorts of issues. I called customer care and as usual dey would post you. Pls Mr PR. look into it o.

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    My point exactly. Jumia SUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

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    How can they be charging #1,700 for delivery for jst shoe of #7,400 to Akure? That is too much It weak me , when i get free shipping from dhgate china. Most goods withing Us in Amazon & E bay are free delivery . Why naija?

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    yay! that's fabulous!

    PS hope you'll send a review sometime 🙂

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    Hi @bels2986:disqus . Try reaching out to @f4d9dc90bb0807024f86ea19e5de9c3f:disqus . I believe he's in charge of PR for Jumia Nigeria. Please keep us posted on this…

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    Jumia has refused to refund my money since February oooo !!!!!!!!!! somebody help!!!!

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    Hi Jumia,
    my order number 300074693. Two (2) orders were made in February 2013 – a perfume and sunglasses.
    The perfume was delivered and the sunglasses was not delivered. After several calls to confirm the delay, your customer service said it was not
    available yet it was displayed online and it was being paid for.
    Going through your website I came across your return policy, under which I found 'refund' which CLEARLY STATES THAT 'If you have already paid for the purchase in cash, we will refund
    the full cost of it by transferring the entire amount to your account. If the item was paid for by credit card, the funds will be returned only directly to the card which was used for the purchase'.
    In my case, its the REVERSE! The refund was meant to be made since February, 2013 and now it has dragged to April, 2013 which is 3 months now.
    My friend and I have called your customer service on numerous counts, yet they keep promising to work on it. It is either they are incompetent or they have chosen not to work on it. Maybe JUMIA has
    gotten away with so many people's money in the past and present because I have not received any positive feed back from them.
    We are so…..displeased with your action on this matter and we feel we are being taken for granted.
    We believe it is FRAUD to showcase what you DO NOT have in stock and allow innocent customers pay for it online.
    Also, it is FRAUD not to pay back the total sum that was deducted from the named account for the sunglasses.
    We have decided within ourselves we will take JUMIA to court.

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    My experience with Jumia is as follows: I ordered a phone on a Friday afternoon (just before work closed) and the order said it would take 1-3/5 days to deliver. By Monday I hadn't received the phone, but I wasn't overly worried… until I checked my email and they said they'd needed confirmation that I placed the order, otherwise it would be canceled. I frantically responded for them not to cancel the order. By that Thursday, I still hadn't received the phone and began to get worried. On Friday morning, I realized that the phone number I stated on my order hadn't been working the WHOLE week. Thankfully, I restarted the phone and within a couple of minutes, Jumia called! They'd been trying to reach me this whole time! I gave them directions to my house to drop off the phone – it still took them 6 hours to drop it off (and their office is literally 3 minutes away from my house).

    I was happy with my order and service from Jumia. My only feedback to them would be to upgrade the maps they use… although, it IS Nigeria, and I know it'll take time to properly map this country.

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    That's all fine and dandy but I assure you that this was definitely not an uncommon occurrence. This same thing happened to me back in November and I asked specifically for a delivery date because I would be gone for nearly a month after. Of course, I got stories, and ended up canceling my order. Sorry this ain't happening again.

    If delivery cannot be met as promised, it's the onus of the business to inform the customer, apologize and even compensate by offering a discount. What ticked me off is not just the tardy delivery but the complete ignoring of your customer. I would never trust card information to Jumia and thanked my stars it was pay on delivery

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    Its really beautiful what jumia has brought 2 nigeria.I also wish u guys can make a particular product available in ur store in abuja nigeria.Its called INTIVAR FEMALE RENEWAL GEL.

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    Thanks for the follow-up Afam. Nigeria needs more companies that are willing to receive and act upon feedback from their customers…

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    @Sandra G, @Tomisin…we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences your order with us may have caused you. We understand we exist because of customers such as yourselves. As a business that understands this value, it is impossible we will intentionally or defiantly turn our backs to the satisfaction and concerns of you the customer, not forgetting fact that our business model is underlined by prompt service delivery, quality and convenience to the customer. In our 6 months of operations, we have had to pass through our own learning curve, one that brought its own challenges, not out of incompetency but brought about by astronomically high levels of growth. A sign by standards, that we are doing something right. In the last month against our expectations we were met with overwhelming figures in number of orders, something our growth strategy couldn’t have envisaged. Proactively we have re-strategized and put in place external and internal processes that will ensure such uncommon situations don't arise again. We are on our path to a great story, one which customers like you are part of. As said, we exist to serve you our customers and will stop at nothing to continually do better to deliver on your every need. Many apologies once again and hope to read your testimonial on the next order. Afam Anyika, PR, Jumia Nigeria.

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    Your friend had a swell birthday even without the dress and it turns out the dress is beautiful…guess thats what really matters.

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    I guess I'm that friend Sandra was talking about. Oh well, as she said, the dress is lovely. But I've learnt a lesson, never to trust them within a tight time-frame. I'll just be disappointed again. They're trying sha. At least they didn't deliver to the wrong house. They really need to upgrade their customer service. It's so damn archaic *sigh.

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