Listed and first reviewed on: 01/19/16

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    I had not seen a stage play in forever and so i was not necessarily excited when we got tickets to see waka. But wakaa inspired so many good feelings within me. I was glued from start to finish, I could not look away for minute.
    I loved the infusion of modern day music and the synergy on stage. The subtle satire around Nigerian politics was greatly appreciated. The costumes were brilliant, the mini conversations and ofcourse the catch theme songs.
    I was thoroughly entertained,
    I hope it airs again as EVERYONE needs to experience this work or art.

    Only thing i had against this experience was the theater, the sitting arrangement is quite small and very uncomfortable but I guess the play made up for it.

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    Wakaa was quite mesmerising. First off, I’m someone who isn’t really into live performances, concerts et al; I had agreed to be dragged along by my spouse and had planned to sit all through (sulkingly) and let her know how much she was putting me through.

    However, at the end of Wakaa, I gave a standing ovation!! I was that entertained- even the Mrs. could notice! So much that I contacted a friend to go see it the next day with his family!

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      Awww!! Now I really wish I got to see the show. And to think I passed up on a free ticket 🙁

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    My mom went to this show and she said she loved it!

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      Yeahhh I’ve only heard great things!

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