Listed and first reviewed on: 08/08/16

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    I love kfc for their crispy chicken but their customer service is zero.
    I have been to the allen one about three times and each time I made a mental note never to go back. The attendant was not just rude, she mixed up my order and said she couldn’t it.
    I also need to understand why the prices they have pasted on the dashboard is different from the prices they end up selling at.
    Also who made it a rule to always include a drink, i should be able to choose whether i want a drink or not.

    Overall, Kfc needs to go.

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    Well I’m not too much of junk food person but I love KFC crispy chicken and chips contrary to the first reviewers point. I agree also that parking can be an issue this area but I don’t think it was intended for as many, more for walk ins or a quick stop. They seemed short staffed never the less I agree on that so the warmth you should get from a global brand as such is not really there
    Ig handle: @the_aries_lady

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