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  1. qrstuviola
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    First impressions on arrival
    Reception was warm and friendly; the store was air conditioned which was the best welcome on this ridiculously hot day. Although this quickly disappeared once NEPA returned and they turned off the air con.

    The salon was busy 6 people actively doing their hair but no one waiting. Always a good sign- people clearly like it here and trust them for their upcoming Christmas look.

    Given how busy it is they made a conscious effort to keep the shop clean, brushing every visible dirt.

    As a specialist for natural hair it was rather refreshing to see most of the hairdressers had natural hair and displayed various styles thus illustrating the versatility of natural hair.

    I did, however, wonder what the the response would be if I rocked up and asked to have my relaxed. Lol.

    The Staff
    The manager was soft spoken, borderline shy and didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence initially.
    But I suppose that’s just her nature, she clearly knows what’s going on. I think as the manager, she may need to work on being more assertive in order to evoke confidence in customers; if nothing else then at least speak a lot louder.

    There was a stark contrast in demeanour between the manager and the owner. The owner oozed confidence yet was very welcoming and knew exactly what I wanted. It was evident she rules a well oiled, well controlled ship. Under her guidance I have no doubt the manager would improve.

    The stylist / hairdressers were professional; although only 2 of them had uniforms. Their hairstyles were good advertisement for their taste.

    The only unnerving thing is when they are conversing within themselves (at the back- while washing my hair) they tend to speak to each other in Yoruba and laugh. It’s easy for a customer to presume they are being laughed at. I personally didn’t, I don’t think that was the case at all – but it’s something to look out for.

    The Hair
    My hair looks amazing! I’m extremely happy with it. All the hairstyles I saw people leave the shop with today were great. The one i wasn’t completely sold on seemed to be more an issue of preference. The customer herself was very pleased and proceeded to take numerous selfies.

    Hair 9/10
    Service 10/10
    Quality of knowledge exhibited by staff 8/10
    Professionalism 9/10

    I will return here and I will recommend their services to others. Particularly if you’re stuck on what to do with your natural hair.

  2. Avatar
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    Earlier this month I walked into KL’s beauty salon for the first and literally said “I need to rescue my natural hair”. I remember the owner of salon laughing, I believe her name is Kemi (I think), she says “don’t worry I’ll treat your hair nicely”. My natural hair was suffering from serious split ends, and constant breakage. In less than 2 hours, Kemi detangled, conditioned/massaged my scalp, washed my hair thoroughly, and gave me an amazing trim (NOTE: NO ONE HAS EVER TRIMMED MY HAIR IN NIGERIA, THIS WAS A FIRST AND I WAS HIGHLY IMPRESSED). At the end she gave me a nice flat twist up-do that lasted a week. Everything altogether was 8000 naira. The following week I just had to come back to get my crotchet twist done, and they came out AWESOME! Very pricey but I like! Spent 30k ( I used 7 packs of the twist 3850 each, crotchet service 6k, and I washed my hair). I’ll recommend any naturalista to give Kl’s beauty salon a try!

  3. Avatar
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    Kemi is one of the few people i’ll allow to do my hair in Lagos. Her hands are so gentle, it’s almost like going to get a massage. I do wish her place was a lot bigger and that the washing area was better. I pray they can expand to a better place soon. Otherwise, I love KL’s Naturals.

  4. SandraGee_

    Crocheting cost what????!!!!
    Main reason I don’t get my hair done on the island.
    I don’t have natural hair, but I have crotcheted before and it cost me about 2k and it turned out well.
    But your hair is fine !!! So pretty. But efer you know you are a pretty girlgirl.

  5. Avatar
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    I also got detangling, wash, deep condition and faux updo done at the salon. I thought it was all really well done and Kemi was very courteous. I would definitely go back.

    1. Avatar

      I went a second time for mini twists. Again, I was happy with my hair but the crowd was too much abeg, my fault for going on a Sunday I guess. What I did not like was that the shop girls were talking about my hair in Yoruba. Now, it’s not like they said anything terrible but talking about a customer in another language is so rude. Talking about someone in Yoruba when you’re in Lagos is just stupid.

  6. Avatar
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    I agree with this review totally! My experience here was more or less the same. I came in for a detangling,trim, blow dry and style for a wedding I had to attend. Kemi did my hair, was very gentle during the entire process and hooked me up with a great roll twist for the event I had to attend.I would definitely recommend and revisit!

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