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    Wow, Just wow!!! I am currently sending this to about 4 people i know in Konga. I’m sorry you had a terrible experience.

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    Very interesting post…quite disappointed in konga if this post explains EXACTLY what happened; considering the huge funding Konga raised to improve her infrastructure and overall service.

    However, i must play the devils advocate here. The Tech industry in Nigeria is still very much in its infant stages…a lot of processes being introduced haven’t fully been tried and tested in every aspect..hereby causing huge problems between Konga, merchants and customers.

    The discrepancy in sales/order in the this post was within 2 days.chances are that the automated service to put your accounts offline malfunctioned, which isn’t unlikely.

    also, i do know some orders placed prior to you closing your store might have come through late and somehow never made it to you before you left for vacation.

    anyway,sorry to hear about your issues with a big player in our tech industry.

    Konga Sort this out!!!

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