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    Please, konga is a not a platform to purchase anything. I bought 1000Watt Step Down Transformer and i paid before delivery, only to come without cable, it took me 5days to get the cable and then for me to realized that the transformer is not working. I contacted Konga, only for them to tell me to get in touch with the seller, it’s such a pity we lack customer service relationship in this country. Please if you can, try and go to the market and buy your stuff. It does not worth it. I also ordered Nutribullet to replace the one i bought recently from US, i got a fake replacement. It’s so, so pathetic.

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    A nightmare for sellers! So many hidden fees and tariffs are passed on to seller non chalantly. With an attitude of if you don’t like it, you can leave. I had to do just that after making so much losses in the name selling on Konga.
    Konga want to make sure that they are the only ones that will profit from your sale, you will keep on spending money to meet Konga’s demands

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    I just ordered a treadmill from your mall. below are the specifications

    Product details

    Manual treadmill exercising machines. They aid in special exercise of the legs, good for heart muscles, essential for weight reduction…etc. It has a small screen showing: Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie count.

    A Manual Treadmill offers an excellent workout for running or jogging, and are the only way to go if you want a walking treadmill COMPUTER DISPLAYS STEPS CALORIES BURNT, TIME , DISTANCE& HEART MONITOR


    PRICE: 65,000.00

    But one very and most vital information was not displayed, which is the max KG

    Please get back to me

    Please I need a genuine product because I do not have the time to think of returning purchased product.

    I just bought an HUAWEI Box Telephone from Konga which was delivered about Two (2) weeks ago, but as I write you this message, the phone’s screen is smeared with ink all through. I thought of returning it but don’t think I can stand the stress because I called your lines severally only to be put on hold on such occasions, so I decided to forget it

    I am an old customer and wouldn’t like the issue of inferior products


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    I placed an an order for a Lenovo laptop B50-45,AMD E1 6010,Dual Core 1.35GHZ processor, 320HD, and 4GB RAM which I paid immediately, and after delivered, only for me to discover that the laptop is not Dua core and they advertised it to a Dual core system. I called Konga immediately to give me the seller’s phone number (Systematic Nigeria Limited) I called the seller and the seller was referring me to Google to confirm. A laptop I bought that the specification is not written on the carton, manual, neither was it written in the system configuration itself, he is now referring to Google. That is impersonition, total rubish and a very big slap to Konga for even placing such on the webside. No wonder I checked the numbers of the system that had been sold so far, it was just 2, mine was the 3rd one and moreso no customer review was found at there at all. I returned the system immediately and am still waiting for my refund
    Please I don’t recommend that systme for anyoneone at all.
    I want to use this medium to implore Konga to be contious of what advert sellers place on their website and be honest about any product information so as not to tarnish the company’s image.

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    Well, has been timely with delivery of my ordered products. I’ve ordered thrice from them, twice they’ve maintained timeliness, expecting the 3rd in 3 days. 2nd product i got from them was an over-hyped, substandard Infinix Hot phone that overheated and went blind on me just 2wks and 3days after purchase. Not Konga’s fault the phone isn’t durable tho, but well, SOLD IT TO ME, PERIOD!!! Plus getting the free promised data was a hustle, like i was begging for it.
    Konga’s service has been fair to me, tis sad people have bad experiences with them, makes me feel like i’m just lucky, good service should be for all.
    **Awaiting delivery of my microsoft Lumia phone after the horrible infinix experience, and i’m quite hopeful. Good job Konga, can do better!

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    the only thing saving konga is their policy of 1-7 days

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    Same here. I made an order last week of November and still yet to receive it. Very useless and incompetent lot, konga. I would never use their service again.

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    Konga’s inefficiency is unbelievable. I placed an order since the last week of November and my workmate said i wont receive it till January 2015 (that was his experience with them). I thought it was a joke. I kept receiving text messages about delays experienced only for me to stop by their office and was told the item i ordered was out of stock. Why didn’t they just siiiinnnnnnccccceeeeee.

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    Good day I want to know if Konga does deliveries on weekends

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    konga have a very bad customer service. I made a purchase and the item was delivered there was an over payment through POS and all efforts for my excess money to be pay to my account could not avail after submitting all my details. I regret doing business with you and non of my colleague will continue doing business with you.

  11. SandraGee_
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    I have never experienced any service as bad as this. I placed an order since Wednesday and shipping is still in progress till today. I plan on giving them a call tomorrow. Konga is so incompetent. Its alarming!

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    Konga sells Chinko. Dia products are fake, refurbishes old products

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    Konga sells chinko products.they don’t last.

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    Konga is fake. I bought a laptop and a phone from konga and afta a month d laptop only for Mε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ to find out a month later dat d laptop processor is bad, it makes noise as you turn it on, d phone’s memory card slot is bad, I have bought like 3 memory cards changing dem thinking I have been buying fake memory cards, but it turns out d problem is from d memory card slot of d phone, I called konga and they told Mε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ dat d warranty on the products have passed and there is notin dey can do.My sis followed Mε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ to buy d same type of laptop from Konga as a result of how I was singing kongas praise, her own laptop screen started pourin out colours afta a month,like as if dey poured water colour on d screenand her laptop bluetooth is not working upto now.

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    Planning to entertain @ my new place this weekend, I run a very busy schedule, ordered a cooker and 3 days after I call back to ascertain staus and Im told, “the order was not placed properly” by the last customer rep i spoke to…so there goes my plan for the weekend, up in smoke! Thank you Konga you just lost a client..porting back to Jumia

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    Koga successfully ruined my day and my entire weekend.

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    I love konga day are not joke with dare costomer

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    Service I got from Konga was a total dissapointment! The online card payments don’t work at all. Don’t be cheated. They make u deposit funds to the account. Woe unto u if u r not living in Nigeria. And once u make the payment they still do not deliver as promised. If u wanted to surprise somebody with a gift, Konga will surprise you with bad service! Being the first time to use their service I feel duped! And am not sure is the delivery will ever be done. By the way, if u don’t hold a nigerian number, no one bothers to contact u. Apparently, they can’t reach u…..! My order number is R583292541. Total dissapontment!

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    Konga Online Store has been of great convenience to me since i first tried it a few weeks ago, I’d seen the ads and stuff but i was skeptical about shopping ONLINE in NIGERIA!!! I mean… Nigeria? where anything happens and at the end of the day you can lose your money if you don’t get original products or if something goes wrong during payment who will you run to? wait! Delivery? What if they don’t deliver on time or even deliver at all? These were the thoughts that kept me away from online transactions/shopping in Nigeria.
    As fate would have it, a couple of weeks ago i was in a fix and just didn’t know what to do, I’m a publicist, social media marketer(I run Olodo Nation Integrated Services) amongst other things and i split my daily life into study, virtual reality(social media), keeping up with meetings and i hardly sleep so it was a huge dilemma for me when i got a call from my cousin inviting me to her wedding in 5days.
    I live in Lagos and her wedding was to hold in Benin, after checking my schedule i realised i had meetings lined up and lots of work to do and i just wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding, so i figured I’d have to at least send her a wedding gift. Now that was another problem, there’s just no time to start going store to store trying to decide the perfect gift then packaging and having it sent over to Benin.
    Then i searched online and Konga popped up yet again! I read reviews and decided to take the risk and try out konga. I spent a few minute searching the catalogues and stumbled upon this amazingly cheap Juice Extractor that was on sale for just N3,200 with delivery just an additional N500! Perfect! i proceeded then to purchase it and when it came to the payment part i felt so relieved to see the “Pay On Delivery” option! I mean for a person as skeptical as i am about sharing sensitive information on an “untrusted” site, that was Great News!
    That was 4days to the wedding, fast forward to 2days to the wedding and i got a call around 3PM informing me my order had been dispatched, 30minutes later i got another call asking me to come downstairs and voila! That was it! Safe payment method and timely delivery. Now that was just on point!
    I immediately made arrangements with a courier service which took charge and delivered to my cousin the very next day. Today my cuz and I are still best buds and i keep wondering what would have happened if Konga hadn’t delivered as promised.
    After that experience i felt very comfortable trying out the online payment methods which i did for my next two orders within the last 3 weeks, I even realized Konga makes it easy to order gifts for our loved ones. I got same superb experience.
    I even became friends with the dispatcher too after i got him confused and the friendly dude finally spoke up after realizing he’d made separate deliveries to me at different locations. What can i say? I’m a hustler and konga just delivers to where I’ll be at any given point….”

    1. Efe G

      It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear good stories about service provided by an organization in Nigeria. Thanks for sharing your experience, Ibrahim…

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    I totally disagree with you about

    The website is a total disappointment.

    I placed an order for a pair of shoes on November 8, 2013 and I paid for this order ( order no. R862870804) with my credit card.

    This order was neither delivered nor was I contacted for reasons of the delay instead after a month of my constant calling to ask after my order, the next thing I saw on the status of my order was that my order has been cancelled.

    I quickly called to find out why my order was cancelled, I was told that the shoes I ordered for has finished. I must be very honest with you, when I heard this, I was very mad at them because that very shoe was very much in stock when I ordered and paid for it.

    Let’s just assume it was out of stock after a while, why wasn’t I notified, why should I be the one to notify them.

    After this first cancellation of my order, I re-ordered for 2 different perfumes (order no. R938235780) on December 5.

    Uptil this minute that am typing this message, I haven’t gotten my order.

    I have gone ahead to ask for a refund of my money, because I feel they are trying to play a fast one on me.

    But will they refund me my money? No way.

    I have called them over a thousand times almost on a daily basis about my refund, sent them millions of emails, all to no avail.

    Please I want to also use this medium to plead with in the name of anything they hold sacred to please refund me my money.

    Am very disappointed in them

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    awww I hope Ruby gets some kind of recognition for this. I'll see if I can get Konga Management to at least hear the good stuff being said about her. That's just so fab! Makes me want to just buy stuff from Konga for the sake of it!

    PS Naija companies need to start understanding that their employees are a huge part of their brand. EVERY experience with an employee of an organization can enhance or tarnish the company's image…

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    Yaay! @Ni-yaar Nwakanma looking forward to your review. 🙂

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    Yeah, what he said..! 🙂
    Sure I'll try writing one.

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    Ruby is one of Konga's Customer experience angels..One experience with Ruby will leave you feeling angelic with her soft voice and the way she helps you round the konga website…5 star!

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    Very interesting comment. Who's Ruby? And will you be willing/able to send in a review for Hadn't heard of them before you mentioned…

    PS – please use the star rating above to rate your Konga experience 🙂

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