Listed and first reviewed on: 05/02/15

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    Ermm. I was begining to think i was a JJC in this lagos till i found thos review. Finally one place i know. Lol. I love going to La Mango every sunday after church. The yam chips,pepper sauce, + sweet chili sauce and asun is my fav. The comedy club every thursday is awesome too. They have thier bad days though

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      Lol at JJC in Lagos! Didn’t even know they have a comedy club. I’d have to check it out next time. Thanks!

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    Glad to see reviews of places outside Lekki and V.I…phew!
    Maybe we can as well see reviews of more nighttime places, no?

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    I think La Mango is amazing. The ambience is cool. The food is amazing. I love their fish and chips. I was going to put up a review on them, but u beat Me to it.

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