Listed and first reviewed on: 12/12/16

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    A food club outing brought me here. Otherwise I can confidently say I probably would have never found this place. It looked very residential.

    I arrived there with uber, so I really can’t complain pf no packing that however didnt stop me from noticing they have spce to take quite a number of cars.

    It has 2 sitting areas, indoors and outdoor with nature. I couldn’t enjoy being indoor because my party booked to stay outdoors. Outdoor was anything but kool because it looked like a refurbished backyard

    The menu looks very fancy. I can’t even remembered the name of what I ordered but when it landed in my lap it was egg and meat. I almost wept. Very basic menu. I paid N6,000 for my food and I was made to believe it was discounted. I am tempted to return just so I can have a feel of what being inside would be like. Other than that I think my first experience is enough to last me for long time.

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