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  1. Ms Critical
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    The obe dindin here is lit!! I got it with rice and plantains, but had the option of other things as well. Cost about 3500 naira or there about. I ordered it ahead of time and by the time I stopped by it was almost ready. In addition portions are pretty large. Happy bunny here 🙂

  2. Avatar
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    I had my birthday dinner last year at L’Afric. It was a last minute resort because the place I’d planned to eat at was closed. The staff were so nice. Super, super nice. I didn’t believe how incredibly affordable the food was. And the portions? Naaah. Unreal. I’ll deal with shit food if the staff are easy to deal with. I had the best of both worlds. I even shared my birthday cake with them, they didn’t need to ask. Such a pleasant ambiance. It’s usually the first place I recommend to people. That restaurant is a gem!

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    L’Afric needs to get a real CHEF that knows how to prepare international dishes apart from local dishes which he seems to be versatile at. I ordered the steak meat with mashed potato expecting a dish of international standard. D steak meat came out smoky tasting n drowned in too too much garlic n the sauce it came in was salty. D mashed potato was not mashed potato, its potato n butter mashed together wf potato lumps in every bite. D real mashed potato is done wf milk. Im not impressed at all.
    D upside was dt I liked d cocktail drink served n service was pretty slow on d part of them distracted waitresses. It like they were in their own heads.

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    Loved their service. Fast and courteous. Food was excellent. Never been a fan of pounded yam but they made me finish all of it with their incredible banga soup that I couldn’t believe could be that good. The meat? Just go for the assorted – amazing stuff I tell you, I was in cloud 9. Rated 5 stars cos I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Even their okro is super. Recommend this for all Nigerian soup lovers like me. Keep it up!

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    I decided to order lunch from l’afric today, so i decided to read the reviews on Efes blog. I like the food there because its affordable and they are generous with their portions. Also, unlike other restaurants when you correct the staff at l’afric for maybe e.g crossing their hand over your food, passing the knife while holding the blade . They adhere to the correction and apologise. Most restaurant staff at other restaurants just get angry and get an attitude.

    L’afric is clean, the ambience is nice and the bathrooms are always clean too. i would give them an 8 out of 10.

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    Visited L’Afric last night on the basis of Efe’s review and while they appear to have improved their customer service(relatively quick and courteous),the nkwobi wasn’t quite the best but I digress. A takeaway for my mum cost about NGN 300($2)more than eating in which wasn’t indicated on the menu so be sure to have extra cash to cover that.
    One disturbing trend which I have observed across numerous establishments on the Island, including L’afric is the way there is almost always no change once the amount involved is NGN 150($0.80)or less. It is small enough to be left as a tip, but allow the consumer decide if you are worth it rather than “no change”=nice tip(s)!

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    The food there is pretty great! Hmm I wouldn't give their customer service a 1, I think its better than that though not the greatest. But the staff is really nice and friendly which u don't find in a lot here. Then again I've been there a few times. They really need to work on bringing their food out on time tho. Nice review.

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