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    Please how can I become a med student of luth

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    About a Month ago, I went to the dental clinic in LUTH to book an appointment. With one of the doctors for my 4th procedure which is a Root canal Therapy Procedure ( I will put up a review on other procedures) . The doctor told me the exact day I should come and the time too .

    My appointment was scheduled for the 18th of September 2013, 9am .
    I headed over to the dental clinic as early as 8:30am to avoid excuses from the doctor . When I got to the clinic , I discovered that only nurses were on duty and doctors were missing and since I’m not very keen on listening to the news, I would have known that the Resident doctors are currently on strike .

    I remember that about 3 weeks ago, the House officers I.e New doctors went on strike too in LUTH because a lot of them were not paid , the government was owing some for about 7 months , before the H.O’s went on strike , The Nurses had their own strike too , Now resident doctors too are been owed about 3 months salary.

    Do we Have a Minister of Health in Nigeria ?
    What is the government doing about this ?
    Where is Nigeria’s Money Going to ?
    Is the Health Sector Not important ?
    When are they calling off their strike ?
    Isn’t this Affecting patients ?

    Please , these questions deserve answers !

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    I’m a med student at LUTH and here’s an experience I had:

    On the 10th of July 2013, we were in the Anatomy lab with the cadavers and formalin. Of course, we know how terrible the smell of formalin is. (For those who don’t know what Formalin is, it’s a chemical that’s used to preserve dead bodies and it has the worst smell, it affects the eyes, skin etc. And cadavers are the dead bodies that medical students perform their dissection on). Then all of a sudden, we heard people shouting and of course, we ran towards the direction of the noise. Only to find out that a friend of mine (lets call her S) fainted. I was pretty scared; I didn’t even know what to think. Different things were running through my mind as to the cause of her fainting. People had already begun talking; ‘maybe she’s pregnant ‘, ‘maybe she has been jacking too much’.

    We rushed S to the teaching hospital where she was immediately taken into the A&E (Accidents and Emergencies) unit. As much as I would hate to admit it, we all knew she was given preferential treatment cause she’s a student. I know a lot of people who complain about waiting a long while before being attended to in LUTH, which of course is wrong. And because it was an emergency, we weren’t asked for money or anything like that at first.

    A doctor attended to S almost immediately. But the A&E was crowded and they were short staffed. There was no room to place her in so she was taken to the consulting room. Although she was given drips and the basic tests like blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. were done,they were done in the consulting room, which was wrong. The doctor kept moving all over the place cause like I said, they were short staffed and he had other patients to attend to. After some time, the A&E doctor handed my friend over to another doctor who was on call at that moment. S was then given some papers and sample bottles to take some tests in the lab.

    When a friend of mine (lets call her Z) went to the lab to submit the samples, she was asked for money. Z explained that she’s a student and they asked for ‘the Retainership letter’ (when you’re sick in school, as a student, you write a letter to the Dean of students’ affairs who’ll in turn give you a note (aka Retainship letter) which you’ll take to the PRO of LUTH with your ID Card and the likes). The letter is basically to subsidize the cost of the treatment to be received. So because we didn’t have the Retainership letter and we didn’t have enough cash to pay, we couldn’t perform the tests.

    S was admitted later that day. A lot of doctors came in to check on her, at a point it got annoying, because we were all like ‘please who is the particular doctor attending to her?’ Not the one that different people will come and touch and check different things. Anyway, it was getting late so we all had to go. Her boyfriend and another friend slept over in the room with her.

    The next morning, she took the last test she was asked to do, which was like the conclusion test. So we got the results back and what next, of course we couldn’t just leave the hospital like that. We needed a doctor’s final conclusion, Signature and affirmation that she was free to go. Now, that’s where the bigger problem was. After doing the test, we got back to the A&E unit and started looking for a doctor to sign the results and discharge her. There was none to be found. We even resulted to meeting doctors on the corridors. Like, we started asking random doctors if they could help us, they all kept telling us that they were in surgery department and not in medicine. It was so frustrating. We searched everywhere! We got the test results by 1pm and finally left the hospital at about 6:30pm. That’s how bad it was. Luckily for us, that evening we found one of the nice doctors that attended to her the first day. So he quickly discharged her and we left. Only God knows when we would have left there if we didn’t find that doctor.

    The main point of this review is to point out the fact that in LUTH, we’re dealing with lives. The standard has to be improved. Waiting for eternity to be attended to, shortages of staff, etc, these things have to stop in order to increase efficiency and reduce the death rate in LUTH. I know we’re all trying and it’s not an easy task but the lives of human beings are at stake here. Let’s try to make things better, at least to the best of our abilities. Am using ‘us’ here because as much as those in charge of LUTH are responsible, we can’t leave everything to them. We all have a hand in the future of not just LUTH, but Nigeria as a whole.

    Thanks and God bless.

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    What is there to trust in LUTH. This is supposed to be one of the best hospitals in Nigeria, Everybody coming in here should say their last prayers . Death is certain even with Malaria. Luth is a disappointment .
    This LUTH surgeons killed the most important person in my life . Something that is so minor , I pray to God that nothing will take any of my Loved ones to LUTH

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      Luth hospital. doctors nurses they are fake, God forbid

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    Impressive Review! I hope you’re able to impact the change you wish to see in LUTH when you get a chance to. Counting down already, Hooray

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    Nice write up…well thought out. I hope the people in authority get to see this. The Abuja charlatans !

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    Fantastic review, well written. You deserve an applaud

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    Lol Anyone who has been in luth will agree to this review especially the nurses part…Nice write up ….I’m impressed

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    Nice read…”Devil’s own receptacle” haha

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    nice expose! We wld all agree that in all organizations we have the good & the bad ; dis is a health organization where d “Bad” should not be an option. Because no matter how many Gd eggs we have, a bad 1 can make it all bad…… beautiful article, well said

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    Greeeat review!! Yeah LUTH is trusted tho!!

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