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  1. @_rebels_on_fleek
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    I have been here before, the canopy walk was soo scary and fun…beautiful place, saw some monkeys, tortoises and pea hens was lit

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    It’s funny that all the while I lived in Lekki, I didn’t go there. It was after I moved to the mainland that I was given the opportunity by Wakanow.

    Thankfully, I wore sneakers and comfortable clothing. It was surreal seeing a natural forest habitat in the heart of one of the fastest developing areas in Lagos. It’s a great initiative.

    It’s cheap enough. N1000 entrance fees and N1000 for the canopy walk. Bear it in mind that if you’re with little children, you can’t go on the canopy walkway. It would also be wise to wear something with pockets so that you can keep your phone because you need your hands.

    It’s great exercise. The sun was intense and there were lots of mosquitoes. I felt that there were not enough animals to see. I just saw monkeys, a tortoise, peacocks, a crocodile observing us from underwater and some exotic fish.

  4. qrstuviola
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    Review of Lekki Conservation Centre
    The Lekki Conservation Centre

    The conservation centre is well maintained considering it opened 1989. I didn’t fully appreciate how big it was until we got in. It cost #1,000 to enter the forest and #1,000 to do the canopy walk.
    It’s not like a zoo, the animals aren’t kept in cages therefore you aren’t guaranteed to see them.
    Tip is go early morning or early evening – to see the animals. If you go during the day take sunscreen, volleyball and mosquito repellents

    Canopy walk was fun. Well maintained and certainly got my sympathetic nervous system fired up (fight or flight). We all had a great time going as high as 78metres above ground. The canopy is 401 metres long, the longest canopy walk in Africa.

    The centre was huge. It had a small restaurant, bookshop and an area for children to do some activities like naming bird etc
    There was zip line area, an assault course, various games like horny chess, Ludo etch

    Tour guide introduced himself as tour guide but didn’t say his name until prompted. He knew his stuff although felt like he was just winging it. I liked his calm, relaxed nature and clearly looked like he enjoyed his job. He was flexible and accommodating, allowing people to take pictures and look around probably.

    The guide for the canopy was fantastic, his name was Garrick and he really helped calm the nervous customers. However, the other two members of staff that came with us, did nothing to relax us. They were friendly but kept making comments about falling or dropping your phone etc. One of them kept watching something on her phone really loud which disrupted the entire essence of being in a nature reserve. It was bad enough we had to ask her to stop as the noise would mean the animals we came to see wouldn’t come close to us at all.

    Great fun for everyone
    Great value for money






  5. Kome G
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    Stopped by today and had a blast! I went with a group courtesy of Living in Lekki. The canopy walk was super creepy and I was too scared to do it tbh but I thought it was cool. The walk to the “sahara” section was pleasant and longgg but definitely a good work out. Saw monkeys and fishes but I hear they’ve got crocodiles. There’s a guy who does suya but I don’t think they sell drinks here. I feel like so much more can be done with this space though but definitely a good spot to visit.

  6. Efe G

    I didn’t even know such a place existed..and in Lekki! Will have to visit when next I’m around…

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    I haven’t been here, but the review presents it as a perfect spot to interact with nature. Would try it out 😀

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