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    Work with them at your own RISK

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    LUXAIR Travels and Tours beyond reviews is a very real traveling agency with credibility. I got my visa process through them and I am so glad I did.

    I recommend them.

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    I was extremely satisfied with Luxair Travels And Tours. Mr. Olusanya, the owner, has proven to be very courteous and assisting from the very beginning of the tour till the return trip back to Nigeria, trying to organize at the best our trip to Berlin in the eight days available.

    The guides and drivers are very professional and friendly, the accomodations simply superb. I highly recommend it, Mr Olusanya will turn your trip into an unforgettable experience!

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    horrible service,clueless organization

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    180k and then get hooked with a family member. So wrong

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    My God o. I didn’t even know it was that bad. So sorry to the student. Thank God for you o Sandra, if not we will definitely not hear word again.

  7. SandraGee_

    Waaawu! Luxair!! I wanted to use them to secure a flight ticket for my own trip, thank God I didn’t use them. At least travelstart is better than them.
    Lovely read btw!

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