Listed and first reviewed on: 06/21/14

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    She sold me a fake Ardenbeauty perfume. First, it’s expensive, then fake. Too much fake products mixed with her stuff. I wouldn’t recommend. DO NOT PATRONIZE HER!!!! If there was anything lower than a 1 star, I would rate her that.

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    I bought fake fair and white from her it make me black, I don’t have choice but to Troy it away

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    Well I’m not really a fan of make-up, whitening products, creams etc… however, I’ve visited mama tega’s store to purchase some products for my mum. I must admit, she has virtually almost everything. The products (clean & clear, clearex 10) works well for my mum and she’s happy with the results.
    Customer services is commendable and their prices are fair.
    @a_chizzy (IG handle).

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    Its just there. Some fake products some original.

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    Well I bought cetaphil lotion which is supposed to nurture dry skin from mama tega and it was drying my skin out. I had to abandon it but d first one that my sister bought from another store worked perfectly which was y I decided to also get it but I guess it was fake. Also their prices there now are very outrageous.

    1. SandraGee_

      I’ve heard people say they buy fake items from Mama Tega, but I have actually never purchased any fake item from her.

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    I am leaving this comment cos this is the third time I will be having this same issue with mama Tega’s shop…if you wanna sell expensive things @least sell the original…i have had friends who complain about mama tega’s stores…lot of people I don’t even know people I meet @ d clothiers salons and the rest once mama tega’s store is mentioned it’s a no no no…fake sho..i bought this it’s fake…well I bought a mac powder once it was fake…I bought dark and lovely relaxer it s expired..*nd just today they sold a fake mary kay foundation to me and we’ll I complained and they gave me a Melani foundation that’s not real I called and they say they can’t take it back..well I have a shop too..i don’t sell fake and when customers complain…note I went back to mama tega’s store cos my friend who is a family to mama tega convinced me they won’t sell fake to me this time and here I am…I gave them my money but never got the product I want…well I won’t spread this news I’m writing here cos I want u ppl to know how I feel and how so many of ur customers are feeln..but @ d end deeds catch up after a long time

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    Very stupid place and full of scam. How can they sell a repackaged fair n white (miss white) for unsuspecting customers. I made the mistake of not checking it before paying well thats becos i trusted them. Mtchewwww yeye thiefs!!

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    I was at mama tega’s shop yesterday, and I must commend her staffs for their good customers service. I was attended to by a pretty young girl by the name Zainab. She was was all smiling nd very helpful until the end of my shopping.

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