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    So I’m back to review about Aima again. I would like to send more pictures of what she has done and let you know she is wonderful at what she does. I say this because

    1. She knows what colour suits me
    2. She doesn’t try to charge an arm and leg despite her clientale has grown ernormous
    3. She makes alterations quickly
    4. She is done within a week and a half, most times sooner.

    Aima has taught me not everyday Asos, shopbob, neiman marcus. Sometimes buy fabric and sew. I have taken her as a family member now, as she now sews for most of my friends and a few aunts of mine lol.

    I own a fabric business so i appreciate when tailors/cloth makers use good fabric and don’t try to over price me. And i can’t wear the outfit over and over again without the fabric withering away. Again il recommend her to any one and she is a sweetheart too.

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    Aima is a very good tailor and designer. She is young and talented and has a really bright future ahead in the tailor businesses considering how quickly her customer base has grown over the last couple of years. She has made a few dresses for me in the past and has really gotten to know what I want. She is also very affordable for the quality she delivers, i’ll agree with Ogo on that especially when you compare her work to the likes of Tope FnR which are extremely pricey for the same quality. It is really handy that she can also source materials for you and at a really good bargain and advises on which materials work best with your outfit, that is GOLD! The only feedback I would give is that the scale of her business sometimes doesn’t allow for her to meet expectations in delivery time but I guess that would come as the business expands. Keep up the good work Aima

  3. SandraGee_

    Omg! The toolz dress.. Very beau.
    But I can bet it’s expensive.. I’m gonna give my tailor and see if she can replicate .. Then I ll put up a picture.

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      hahaha! maybe you’d review your tailor too! but if your tailor is that good why haven’t we seen a review yet?

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