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    AVOID AVOID AVOID. This has got to be the worst airline I have even flown. If you must fly medview either local or international, do so at your own risk. Nothing positive to say, rude staff, airline that steal your money, delayed flights etc.
    My flight was moved from 2pm Abuja to Lagos till 7pm. The other option was to pay an extra cost to leave in the morning at 8.45am. When I arrived at Abuja airport, I was again cheated and asked to pay another 9k due to 7kilos of excess hang baggage. When I questions this, I was informed I had to pay because of the way I spoke to the staff.
    To top all this up, the 8.45am flight was delayed till 11am that morning. So in total, it cost almost 50k to get from Abuja to Lagos.
    While on the plane, dirty seats that stained my white blouse, snacks inedible. You have lost a customer and I will ensure the world knows how fraudulent this company is. What a big joke.

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    The worst airline ever. I rate No stars. Only chose one star as the site requires it. I would advise anyone not to chose MediaView airline for any purpose- emergency, leisure, business or otherwise. It is unreliable and dishonest in its scheduling of flights. I had tried to give them the benefit of the doubt several times but I have been extremely disappointed time and again. I always end up feeling conned and exhausted. I do not understand why they are not held accountable by the Ministry of Transport for their incompetence. It is simply unacceptable! I am never using this airline again and hope it is closed down completely or either improves significantly- which I doubt as I see them always equipped with their lousy refreshments to give to unsuspecting passengers in waiting gates.

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    I have heard lots of negative statements about this airline but due to cost considerations, I booked a Lagos – London return flight with them for October 2017.
    In August, I received an email from them due to their inability to fly on the initial date and offering options of travelling two days before or after the original date.
    I was not upset but even impressed that they did not behave like they used to in the past. The day arrived and we travelled.
    – the plane was 30 minutes late before taking off
    – one of the Eastern European or Arab cabin crew was a low class without proper training. The Nigerian cabin crew were great.
    – No entertainment whatsoever. I wonder if the management is mad.
    – sales and reservations staff on the London end almost non-existent. Hundreds of phone calls are unanswered. Your email enquiries and requests are properly dealt with. This is done from the Lagos office.
    – better Boeing 747 wide bodied planes, different to what they used to offer. Thanks to the EU that banned their Bọ́lẹ̀kájà type of planes previously used.
    – the cabin was clean and the seats presentable
    – the best food that I’ve seen on any plane. A choice of Àmàlà with Ewédú, Pounded yam with Ẹ̀̀fọ́ or Nigerian Fried Rice. I chose the rice and it was great, Unlike the half-cooked rice on the other international airlines.

    In conclusion, it is a tale of the good and the ugly. They have lots of room for improvement. I think their MD should be taking anonymous foreign trips in economy class to find out what is happening. We don’t want this airline to fail like its predecessors.

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    This airline (Med View airline) is the worst airline ever, in fact there should be no stars in rating this. They should just close this airline and NO one should use it. They can’t keep up with their own shudel. Is frustrating and a lot of people suffered with this airline. They should sue this airline for good. This airline is a mess and we cannot keep up with this nonsense. ???

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    On 30th April 2017, my mum called me from the airport and told me that she was denied check-up, hence she was unable to travel to London that day.

    She was at the airport at 9am, and I had already checked in online for her 5 hours prior to the boarding time of 1230pm. The check-in officer examined her boarding pass, and told her that Medview is done with check-in. They claimed she and other people on the queue will have to reschedule, and pay N113, 000 for not checking in on time.

    Really I was annoyed and had so much hurt for this broad daylight robbery by Medview. This is the first airline she has had such experience with, and to my greatest dismay, passengers that arrived at the airport as early as 7am and 8am to board same flight were told to pay same amount if they still want to travel with Medview after re-schedule of flight.

    Why do I have to pay for a flight I did miss? I came in 3 hrs before boarding time not departure time, and I was denied my right to get the value of my money. It is really appalling.

    Medview Airline management are heartless and unprofessional, and I am appealing to Nigerians and other nationals to avoid using that airline.

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    Thank you so much for all these reviews. Just wanted to book Melview now, but I have retraced my steps. Virgin doesn’t have seats but BA sure does have. I’ll fly with them.
    Medview needs an overhaul or just stop flying if you can’t manage the business.

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    I think you can do better with the food. One tiny cup is juice is not good enough for a six hour flight. Next time I’m flying I will try to take in a bottle of drink. Once bitten twice shy they say.

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    Worst airline in my entire life !!! Save the trouble. ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. DELAYED FLIGHTS, missing luggages, no such thing as open return ticket more like when they are ready to take you at an extra cost !!!
    Fighting, shouting, stressful customers. 0 star rating. Only thing was a safe landing to London Gatwick. I rebuke any plane crash but it is an airline we’re the worst can be expected. Wow medview u disappointed !! No communication with the passengers just delays upon delays. I stayed an extra week in Nigeria because you said they is no flights back to London. U ruined my trip. Nigeria was so amazing. But the (LOS) airport experience and also (LGW) airport experience was devastating!!!

    I didn’t feel safe at all on the flight it was a scare after all the commotion. It’s a Cheap flight compared to the norm BA, Virgin, emirate,Air France, etc

    Nigeria airport needs to fix up also!!! Seating at the gate E61 with no a/c no awareness of what is going on. Children, families and passages stressed out, hungry and tired. Promise/ paid the price for 32kg bags arrived at airport at informed otherwise now 27kg.

    Medview a Nigerian airline where people choose to support a Nigeria airline and save expensives but it’s a hell and a drama plane. No movie entertainment, amala served on the flight as while as jollof n ofoda rice. Hmmm I never expected!!!!!!!

    Fix up and get sharp. A good investment opportunity this airline needs significant help.

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    Terrible, please avoid. This was the worst choice I ever made in my life, my flight was delayed for 15hrs, from Gatwick to Lagos, and I paid £931. We were sent out into the cold with no reason after we had boarded the flight and eaten the burnt jollof rice that was served, this was 1am in the morning. The flight was meant to leave by 9:30pm the previous day. By 7am in the morning, aggrieved passengers and hungry, wailing children were fed up and the airport authorities had to intervene to settle the situation. They gave us breakfast, can you imagine that!!! we finally left around 12pm. When we arrived Lagos, I had missed my connecting flight, so I had to pay for a hotel and reschedule my flight. The return trip was similar, flight was delayed for over 3 hours with no A.C, missed my bus in London and had to sleep in the airport and take the next available train. IN summary it was exhausting, British Airways was only £100 more than Medview, I ended up spending over £250 in extra expenses. Medview needs to compensate me, plus i’m pregnant.

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    I am pasting my elder sister’s experience for quick intervention. MEDVIEW AIRLINES HAVE COMMITTED SERIOUS INJUSTICE

    My face book family and friends, please don’t be silent. I was meant to travel yesterday night from London Gatwick back to Nigeria. To my surprise, when we got to airport, we were told Medview had cancelled flight. I was so disappointed. We contacted the Travel Agent that got us the ticket and she said she too was not informed .

    This morning Medview airline office was contacted and all they said was they flew the day before and that we should come up with N190.000 Nigeria money. They said another flight is going tomorrow night.

    I told my.Travel agent I can see God in all of these. God is set to bless that I can be a big channel of blessing to the less privileged.

    I said to her let Medview know that I am going to overlook the stress of going out in the cold to the airport with my children and grand children and them not putting me in an hotel for not traveling if only I get to Nigeria latest Friday morning for the programme to bless the less privileged families and the elderlies.

    Now I am going to sue MEDVIEW AIRLINES $5MILLION if they fail to get me to Nigeria on or before the 9th of December.

    Please.anyone.that.knows the head or owner of MEDVIEW AIRLINES should tell them to look Into this. I have.already prayed against all robbers that will want to rob me. I demand JUSTICE OR FULL COMPENSATION


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    I forgot to add. When I complained about the price change, the Duty Manager gave me his business card with their email address and when I emailed, it bounced back. I checked the email address four times and resent all to the same result. A MESS ALL OVER!

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      Sorry to hear about your awful experience! I’m sure your review will help someone make an informed decision re: Medview. Thank you so much!! We look forward to more of your reviews 🙂

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