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    I have been to Michael Hair Lord’s salon 5 times and only once did I actually make my hair.
    1st time: Too many people. (Another salon straightaway)
    2nd time: I had an event in 2 hours practically an emergency. So I opted for something fast and easy: Center part which he finished in time, charged me extra which I didn’t mind I was kuku grateful lol.
    3rd time:
    Michael’s assistant: Michael is not around, please wait for him. After 30 minutes of trying to reach him. (I just went to another salon)
    4th time:
    Michael’s assistant:
    We don’t have water to wash your hair, please go and buy a bag of pure water. Me: okay, thank you… Walks into another salon
    4th time:
    Michael: Your weave isn’t gonna be enough..
    Me: okay, do you sell weaves?
    Michael: No. But I’ll use mine (I.e leftovers from other clients), I’ll let you know how much my “leftover” weaves cost when we are through…
    Me: Ehen, okay, Thank you. Bye… Walks into the other salon (now my favorite go-to Salon)
    This was the last time. 1/5

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