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    Let me tell you about my pizza experience earlier today at Mozaya. So, I was walking out with a buddy after getting snacks from Shoprite. In front of the stall, I saw the picture of a pizza oozing cheese, and screeched “Ooohh! I’ve tried their burger before, and it was great! Let me get us pizza from here!”Now, my wallet was in teh car, so I walked outside to my car, got my wallet, and walked back in…because I trusted Mozaya to give me a great pizza experience.
    I ordered the pepperoni pizza, and in 20 minutes, I got a,..wait for it…BURNT uneven lump of dough with olives and pieces of hot dogs all over it. I told the server this couldn’t be my order; afterall, I’d asked for pepperoni, not sausage (assuming they decided not to stroll into Shoprite for actual sausages). He returned to the till, and informed the cashier who insisted that it truly was pepperoni. The “chef”comes strolling up on the phone, talking about “that is our pepperoni”.
    Now….I know that in Nigeria, sometimes we refer to things by other names; e.g. avocado as pear, agbalumo as African cherry. Maybe this was the same for the Lebanese “chef”. I repeated that this was not pepperoni, and pointed to the picture in front of their stall. I was already getting agitated, so my buddy stepped in. Apparently, I was shouting. The cashier told him they were changing their menu…who has a pizza menu without breaking down the ingredients of the pizza, and including their price?
    Who wouldn’t get mad? Why pay over $12 for a ‘medium’ (small at Dominos) pizza, only to get oversalted hot dog pieces, olives, and what tasted like black tar? Never again. Terrible food, bad customer service.

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      my goodness! i can imagine the guy really being like “yes nau, it’s pepper-ronie” lolol! pele oh!

  2. SandraGee_

    I didn’t know they increased the price though, because, the mozaya burger at e-center still goes for 850, if i remember correctly. because, i know that if its 1k, i will NOT get it.

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