Listed and first reviewed on: 12/13/13

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    Seems I met another person at the mtn service centre at ozone then. The guy there Jide was his name he was extremely helpful, my iPad had a little problem and he found someone to help me and even waited with me till it got fixed

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    I loaded 400 naira on my phone last night and activated the 50mb data plan so that I could send a very important email, I sent the code but it did not work. I called a customer care representative in ur company and he told me he would activate it, after the call I noticed that mtn had taken 200 naira from my account. After waiting for a while I tried to browse but noticed my the remaining air time I had reduced which means I was being charged. I called again and another lady told me to switch off my phone and switch it back on which I did. Again I waited, meanwhile I had a deadline of 12am to send that mail or it could cost me a lot of money or maybe even my job. After a long while again I called a lady named joy from ur apapa branch. After explaining things to her, even after telling her how this problem could cost me my job she put me on hold until after my deadline and then came back on not to tell me that the problem was resolved but to tell me she had sent an email. Now luckily I did not loose my job bcos of this but I lost a considerable amount of money to this incompetence and to make matters worse this morning I did not receive a message that my money has been returned or that my data has been activated but that my data which I was never given in the first place has been exhausted which is impossible even if they activated it cos after using my airtime to browse I turned off my phone data. No matter how small, this is a clear case of robbery and I will not have it, several times in the past I have noticed that my airtime was taken for no reason but I ignored it because they were small amounts but this I will not take. Do you have any idea how much ive lost because I choose to use mtn? If this issue is not addressed and resolved ASAP I will be forced to take this to another level and it may seem like a joke to you until we meet in court. I would advice whoever is reading this to take it seriously, as I always say never underestimate anyone just because you cant see upfront what they are capable of.

    1. Efe G

      This sounds like a pretty awful experience. I’ve never really been a fan of MTN…I prefer Etisalat. It’s not great but I’ve often received better service from than than any other network in Naija. Pele though and thanks for sharing this experience…

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    I went to this same branch to unblock my sim and I met the same rude individual. I was so angry. It was unbearable. He should be fired.

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