Listed and first reviewed on: 12/02/14

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    I recently just started boarding BRT, I must say my first ride experience, I was so thrilled like a small child going on an excursion, it was over filled but when I decided to try boarding on my own days after, it was the least pleasant, the bus was over packed , it became a Molue people standing, but nevertheless I still feel its more convenient, I will still take it any day any time over normal public transport.
    IG handle @the_aries_lady

    1. ha! would love to hear some of these stories before I decide if BRT bus would be worth the adventure or least some kinda summary 🙂

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    1st time? Wtf? I’ve been entering BRT since 2007.. well.. i’ve had worse experiences so I tell you, the worse is yet to come

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    my first experience was… lemme say fast. But bigs up to d initiatives of brt and actually, there are more conducive and passenger friendlier BRTs.

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    Yea BRT used to be a very smooth,affordable and convinient.My first time boarding BRT was like 7 years ago when it was first established.

  5. Not a terrible exPerience for a starter.nice write up bt u never profound posible suggestion n way forwrd.

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