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    Hmm… sounds very interesting can’t wait to watch it.

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    This show!!!!.. Tbh, this review is just a tip of the iceberg. Before I started watching this show, HIV and Aids wasn’t something I took very seriously, I was always like what are the chances that someone in my circle has HIV/AIDS. But guys, seriously, it is very high. Shuga just justifies the saying, ‘Aids no dey show for face’ … Lol. Let me not spoil the show for you, if you haven’t watched it just do so ASAP.

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    A very interesting and animated review. A friend told me about the show and I had to finish the first season after seeing the first episode. What intrigues me most is how easy it is to relate to the characters and the dialogue. It really drives home the complacency of an entire community in addressing the reality that is HIV/ AIDs in Nigeria. The story details how ones life can change in an instant and shows the frailty of our humanity. The show also addresses overlooked issues like violence against married women and the male chauvinistic society we still live in. The messages in this show resonates more with me than any awareness programme I’ve ever seen and it’s production has given me a very different perspective on Nigerian Television.
    Finally, I agree with the author on sexuality being embraced in the show as I believe the hypocrisy is part of our problems. We can’t control what we do but we can choose to protect ourselves.

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