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    I had my hair done in natural nations just once and i never went back.First,all the stylists came late except the Ghanian stylist who already had an appointment with a client.I had to wait for two hours for the other stylists to arrive.Second,the stylist attending to me wasn’t doing what I wanted.The Ghana braids she was doing wasn’t looking nice,when I complained she got angry.Another stylist had to take over though her hand was tight.Lastly,their products and services are expensive.

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    I made an appointment and the staff were one hour late! they had’t even opened up the place and the excuse I got was because they left late the pervious night.

    Secondly the person doing my hair (Joy) did not know what she was doing, lines were not straight, the hair was done too tight to put the crotchet braids in and went against how i wanted it done making it too full.

    Finally the other customers I saw there were not even happy with how they were being treated being forced to wait endlessly, their hair not being done the way they wanted.

    Total waste of money, DO NOT i REPEAT DO NOT BOTHER GOING UNTIL THE OWNER MAKES THE NECESSARY CHANGES NEED TO BRING THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND QUALITY OF HAIR DONE UP TO STANDARD. it is sad how a business can be ruined by those working there and not giving a damn about the time and money used to set up a place and act in a manner that drives away customers

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    Wow.4/10 is very poor. I’ve been to natural nation. I like how colorful they are, the attendants were slow (yes) but I don’t think you can go too fast with natural hair . the natural hair products they sell are very affordable .my own rating is 7/10.

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