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    Please Efe can i get her number? Since i relocated to lagos,its one rubbish hair to another. Stylit giving me excuses like, oh! The hair turned out that way cos ur hair is soft…lol

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      08037728660… you are welcome! 🙂

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        Thanks alot Efe. Will definitely write a review once she makes my hair. Thanks

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    Hello Efe, please does nene still use the same numer or she has changed it? I tried calling her but her phone is switched off. Please I need a response ASAP. Thank you very much.

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      Same number. just tried calling and it rang 🙂

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      Hi Kemi,

      I tried calling the same # and it went through…

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    Please is she based in abuja or lagos? Cool braids …

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      She’s in lagos…she’s sooooo good though! I’m still getting compliments on the long braids I have on now (and I’ve had it for quite a bit).

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    Great work. What colors were used for the colored senegalese?

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    I called Nene up to braid my hair earlier this month, as she was highly recommended by my cousins. During the phone conversation, I told her the type and length of braids I wanted (as she requested). She was an hour late but I wasn't upset. She also had already cut the hair so it turned out to be wayyyy longer than I wanted. When I asked her why, she said "I thought you were tall, so I cut it before I came to save time"… I still don't understand how someone can determine a person's height over the phone! considering the fact that we had never met. This really pissed me off!

    It took a little over 6 hours to get it done. Overall she did a really good and neat job – I love my braids (twists). It didn't hurt much considering the fact that my scalp is very tender. She cleaned up after herself. I paid N6,500 including home service charge and price of the hair extension. I will definitely use her again. Already got compliments and I've recommended her to a few friends.

    P.S. Do not have Africa Magic on. She has watched ALL the movies on that channel and felt the need to constantly tell me what was going to happen in the following scenes even if she wasn't asked *rolls eyes* (To be fair, I really couldn't be bothered) She is really polite and cheerful though.


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    I used nene this Christmas. It didn't start out well as she was late and wasn't picking up her phone. In her defense, this was due in part to a mix up regarding the hair I was using but she could still have picked her phone up. Once she did get to my house, she was extremely courteous: polite but not chatty- perfect for me. It barely hurt, even in the front where I have extremely short hair. I did pick and drop and it took about 5 hours and was only 3 thousand Naira. Well worth it and I would use her again, I have already recommended her to my mother.


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    the comment above was meant to come out like "Of course you are, Ik." But you may read it however you please. 😉

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    of course you are Great. 😉

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    I am starting natural braids next yr. I am saving her number now.

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