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    @Say no to cannabis: Your sexual life is boring.

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    First the drugs sign is not for cannabis, because cannabis is a divine herb, it has not been chemicalised with artifical substances, it is purely natural therefore the term ‘Drug’ shouldn’t be associated with it.

    Cannabis is an enlightening herb useful for mystical experiences, comfort, peace, Unity, divine sexual gratification (this part is very real), mood enhancer, anxiety suppressant, better speaking especially in public, confidence booster, improves the circulatory system i.e.blood flow, epic sleep and many more. Personally I have experienced all this.

    Therefore I am using this medium to reach out to the Federal Govt and various Nigerians to ensure this herb becomes legitimate in our country. It should not be synonymous to crime. Some states in the U.S are seeing great results from making this Angel legal.

    Fela shrine is a good place to start, and if you haven’t started, its not too late…wouldn’t you like to touch the finger of God?

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      What are you saying! You need high to speak in public or for sex ???
      think! Its illegal and we are having problems, talkless of making it legal.
      You are comparing Naija to the US. There is Lgbt in the us, is it legalized here ????? I say No to Cannabis!

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        I agree with you that cannabis should be legalised. More than just for recreation, it has wonderful medicinal properties. New research shows that cannabis oil is a more effective treatment for cancer, than the current convention of chemotherapy, which research also shows is actually more harmful. People have used cannabis oil to help permanently get rid of their cancer. It also has tonnes of antioxidants. There are a host of other benefits, but most people will not do something to rid themselves of ignorance. They would rather keep regurgitating the lies they have been told about this wonderful herb than do some research. Also, there are entire corporations and pharmaceutical industries that have much to gain from deliberately maligning this plant, because their money is not in the cure, but in recurrent treatments. There are paid trolls whose jobs are to attack any independent scientist or researcher who discovers the benefits of cannabis. And because people are lazy, and fear what they do not understand, they swallow these lies hook, line, and sinker. Even if one were to make use of marijuana only recreationally, the opponents are swift to point out how they know of person XYZ who knows a person ABC who used weed and got mad or became violent. Fact- that is impossible. And in such situations, upon further investigation, one would find that the marijuana this person smoked or consumed contained other additives and hard drugs – and that is what makes the person react this way. Re-creational marijuana use boosts creativity, induces more open, non-linear thinking, and a host of other things. It makes you love everything and the world around you. It makes you chill. It makes you think deeply and come to new insights you never would have reached. It is sad that people resort to hearsay and what the popular media – including and most especially movies – depict marijuana users as. None of it is true, and all of it is deliberate propaganda. Research the history of the attack on marijuana. Why? Because the plastics industry and others, saw that they would lose profuse amounts of profit should hemp be freely planted. It can be used for so much more than medicine and recreation. It can be used for textile, for instance, and its products are much better for the environment than plastic, which is not biodegradable.

        A laughable thing is people who have never tried something before are the ones that are quick to tell you the effects and that it is “bad for you.” Lol.

        I’m tired of typing abeg. Do your f**king research.

        And IK: Thumbs up to you bruv!

        Educate your

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          VK.. The fuck do you spend your time on? Weed Research?

          You just won the argument the cannabis is more helpful than harmful to the human specie, and earth as a whole. Big ups… Im saving your sort note right now.

          Don’t be surprised to hear some of it in the future in the right places

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