Listed and first reviewed on: 05/09/16

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    Great ambiance. It’s one of those super artsy…creative…Neo African spaces in Lagos. I sat indoors but I also liked their creative outdoor lounging area.

    The waiter was decent if I remember correctly. He was really helpful and pleasant. Haha actually he tried to hit on my cousin so that was fun.


    The food wasn’t great to be honest. I expected my taste buds to go to heaven that day but they remained in VI. In fact they fell asleep. I ordered quite a lot because my cousin was visiting and I really wanted to get her to expand her palate but halfway through the meal I regretted bringing her there and wished I had gone to Spice Route. Womp womp.

    I appreciate they are trying to reinvent some classic Nigerian dishes but there’s something seriously lacking in taste.

  2. Kome G
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    Stopped by here for a date. A+ for ambience. New outdoor seating is pretty lit. The mojito I got was pretty good…not too strong and sweet enough. The agege bread with soursop dessert was ok but super tiny for the price. Good experience but I’m not pressed to return




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