Listed and first reviewed on: 03/31/16

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    This club has gone completely downhill and that’s putting it nicely. Had the most awful experience on Friday and only blame myself. Cocktails were badly made – my girlfriends and I returned one of the drinks and the bartender sent it back topped with water – Urrgh! We never took the drinks and we were made to pay for them.
    The “manager” one Mr. Joe Kennedy threatened to beat/slap a married female friend after she complained of being kept waiting for 20mins outside just to confirm that the transfer she made went through. Reason? seems the club only had 1 POS machine and it wasn’t working.
    Horrible, horrible experience. We should have spent the whole night at Hardrock Cafe where we started.

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    Nice review. Ntyce was bubbling in them days. Now its worn out, the painting is peeling and things are just very different.

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      Nigerians and maintenance! So where’s good in lekki?!?

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