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    Hmmm, I should have done my research before I made payments. As per being rude, that woman is something else.

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    I made payment for a strong set and glow golden pen which was to talked for #12500 including delivery on the 24the of September.
    The goods were said to get to me between 1-3 business days. Today is the 15the business at and I haven’t gotten my package.
    The worst is there is no response at all from them.

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    She is a fraud and a thief and needs to be put out of business. I made payment since the 2nd of May 2019 and till this moment. They have refused to send my items. But when I initially showed interests in their product, they kept calling. Immediately I made payment, they disconnected their line. The whatsapp number, the so called Madam Vera responds sparingly or doesn’t respond at all. It’s only a thief and a rogue that disables her IG comment ICON. But every day, the rogues keep posting 35 deliveries, 80 deliveries, who does she deliver to? Ghosts? I can’t believe that she has been doing this for years and hasn’t been exposed. Well she has messed with the wrong one today. I wish there was a Zero Star, that’s what I would have rated her. I will advise that my enemies not to patronize her. Rubbish!!!

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    The best thing to do when buying a product is going through their reviews, if I had gone through their reviews I wouldn’t have paid the 16k I paid last month

    This people @nutrientglow have the worst customer care ever!! They are only fast when it comes to sending their account number. They need to learn how to run a business, imagine how long you will have to wait to get your products if you’re already using it, very poor customer care

    Everyday they are posting 90 deliveries going out 80 going out where exactly are all this going to? When people that paid since Feb haven’t gotten their products?

    Little wonder janemena stopped tagging them, no body wants to do business with people like this, a normal business woman will make deliveries based on who pays first but I don’t know how she does hers.

    Then she turned off comments on her instagram because they are a lot of people who have complains, they won’t reply messages their number is never going through, they only called me once to ask me when I am paying for the products, ever since I paid I had to text them to remind them to send me a confirmation message, and on their instagram bio they say they deliver within 2 to 5 days

    My advice to everyone is to buy from janemena they deliver fast even though their price is higher, it’s better to get it from people who have a good customer care, interact with their customers well, tell you actually how they operate instead of just collecting your money and shutting you out at a higher cost than pay lesser and get the shittiest customer service ever!!

    This people should get their shit together, it’s annoying and frustrating, how can someone get their products months after ordering what’s the use?

    Please refund my money already sent my account details

    I don’t want wahala,if only I could give them a zero star not worth any star

    Don’t waste your time and money

    You will surely be disappointed

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    This woman is with my 18000. I made a transfer on the 25th of december and it apparently went three times .she claims she didnt see it and has refuce to comment and said i am lying

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