Listed and first reviewed on: 08/20/12

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  1. Kome G
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    Had a cupcake from here recently. Wasn’t pleased at all. Maybe because I’d just had some really nice cake like an hour before. Or maybe because the cupcakes were put in the fridge? She I didn’t like it.

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    I tried their lunch buffet today (4k5) and it wasn't bad at all…rice, tilapia, fried plantains, cakes and cupcakes, juices, chicken, etc. Pretty basic but I enjoyed it. And the ambiance is quite nice…I'll probably go back here

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    i'm in love with this place! mainly because of Abel (one of the servers). he was so courteous. the cupcakes are ok and affordable (#250 for a vanilla cupcake) but the icing i think is fab (so it makes the cupcake more than just ok). i had a brownie and smoothie that i wasn't too impressed with..I asked Abel if i could get the milkshake instead and he said 'sure, no problem'. the strawberry milkshake tasted a bit off at first but turned out to be really good. the atmosphere is pretty chill too.. will try out their brunch soon

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      The vanilla cupcake is now 350 o, maybe you should put up a picture of the current price.

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    @archiri tummy cleanser or exercise? lolol. Yes to more reviews on healthy indulgences. If anyone knows of a place please send a review and I'll post it! 🙂

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    plz cn u check out places dat offer fat free cakes,food nd of cos @ an affordable price. but luv ds piece i jst ve ve 2 get tummy cleanser 2 shed dos fat*wink*

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    je pense je trouve mon petit paris a lagos…

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