Listed and first reviewed on: 01/26/15

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    I like that their service is negotiable. This sure can work for budget…it will be nice to try out OAE service soon especially after reading this review.

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      Yay! Let us know what you think after trying them 🙂

  2. SandraGee_

    I think that’s an amazing idea Kevin, I was pretty impressed with how your studio was sparkling. OAE is amazing

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    Ok……I must confess my studio was a mess till he came thru. I’m smthin of a couch potatoe when it comes to cleaning n chores…so when I heard about OAE I had to try em out. I’m considering making it a monthly affair. Thanks OAE.

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      LOLOL I feel you jor! Maybe you can even get a discounted fixed monthly rate to clean your space. 🙂

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    Very impressive, I’m happy it’s negotiable, when I saw 100k I was astonished. I ll definitely like to try his services and let you all know.

    Thanks reviewnaija

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