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    So sorry dear for such horrible treatment.However I was fortunate to have had a better experience than you.But I am very interested in following your reviews and opinions on foods.I am a freaking foodee!!!

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    Oakspring though is a small size hotel, the space are carefully managed to accommodate gym, bar, restaurant, car park and a 100-capacity hall.

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    Hahahaha……I jst had me a very good laugh. Security guard/P.I.M.P. Lol. Well the spaggheti looks really nice. Considering d office where I work is in gbagada…..I’ll be sure to treat myself to a nice lunch really soon. Might go with a couple of my colleagues who like good food and a place whr they can get babes with the help of d inhouse pimp/mai-guard. Lol.

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    But fruit salad isn’t a dessert.. D place would be a nice place for private paroles .. Affordable

    1. SandraGee_

      Nowadays, I don’t know if fruit salad is a starter or dessert. Its so confusing

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    omgeeeee!security guard so rude! that’s probably his side hustle at the hotel…providing guests with companions. rotflol!

    this isn’t funny oh! pele Ewere…

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