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    It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and my family decided to have brunch out. I got to pick the spot to eat because I had passed some exam I wrote (can’t remember which). Being a sea food advocate (fanatic is too harsh a word), Ocean Basket was on the tip of my tongue. I heard about it from a friend.

    We got dolled up.. My dad, mum, cousin, little brother and I. The drive took about 15 minutes as we were coming from Lekki. The welcome greeting was warm and the ambiance of the decor was very calming. We decided to sit out on the deck, why waste such beautiful weather indoors?

    We got the complementary on-the-house bread but it took so long in arriving I figured it was just getting baked. Also we got just 4 pieces of bread for a group of 5 and had to ask for more. My little bro who is going through the “bread is the only food” phase wanted to cry for more but a look from me shushed him up. Ain’t nobody gonna rain on my parade :D.

    The manager of the establishment along with a waiter came to take our order and advised us on the family platter containing line fish, calamari, king prawns and a side of chips. We ordered extra prawns as we were a hungry bunch and also a pack to take home for my sister who couldn’t make it. We waited 20-30 mins for our meal and were sipping on Chapman (quite pricey) and chatting about other patrons.

    The food arrived and I was like OMG! The platter was beautiful! I totally cleared my plate and helped my mum to some of hers. We were billed about #20,000 and it was totally worth the experience. The highlight of my evening was that while downstairs waiting for the pack, BANKY W waltzed in! He just walked in. Double OMG! I have a massive crush!

    All in all, Ocean Basket is a really great place. Will be going back sometime with le boo. Too bad there was an uncompleted building nearby destroying my selfies 🙁

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