Listed and first reviewed on: 06/12/15

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    Love your blog. Still think Kunle Afolayan could have done better.

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    The movie haz all d necessary details of suspense such dat d cast in d movie were in suspense even when d audience knew what wax going . the beauty z how you want to explain d fact that the prince was d serial killer. I love the conflict according to ethnic exploited in d movie and how a certain detective was in the middle of the whole thing.
    The. Part I would have loved to change z d death of d prince. Won’t it have been nice if he found help and he z rehabilitated and rescued so that anyone wife such issue can seek help.
    Once again I had the opportunity of seeing good casting. Officer Afonja for instance was duely utilize unlike .most movies when he play a stupid gateman
    The movie also dealt with d issue of corruption among too govt official which is still on til date.
    Picture quality camera angle and light mining was on point the plot was well defined.
    I rate the movie ,8 out of 10
    And 4stars out of 5

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