Listed and first reviewed on: 12/28/14

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    I’m going to check the place out today. I must taste the palmy!

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    Lemme know why I’m not checking this out

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    ofadaboy is doing a great job with their great meals carefully prepared & healthy too. .. we need not lose touch with our traditional meals & Ofadaboy is here to make that possible.

    We all need not forget ofadaboy soup lounge does not deal in ofada alone… there’s a wide range of traditional soups & meals we often forget about their existence like ebiripo, fried yam & sauce, roated plantain, sauce and stick meat etc. I implore you all to explore the OFBL menu.

    nice one guys. sky’s the limit!!!

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    Ofadaboy Souplounge is Extraordinary Access to Nature !!! Does guys are Extremely fantastic !!! There palmwine Varities thrills me the most Palmo(Palmwine with Orange), Palmpine (Palmwine with Pineapple) does re the ones I can remember…. 100 percent…

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    I have been there myself and I really enjoyed the service rendered, the food was on check, have you tried the flavoured palm wine? OmG! I was at an event where OfadaBoy catered as well, twas amazing! Kudos!!

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    I love Ofada boy soup lounge. The service and entire attitude at the lounge is one of dedication. I love the meal and everytime I am out of lagos I pine for it. The palm wine ensures a 100 percent score mark all d time. Chilled original palmwine in Lagos!!!

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    Looks and sounds like a place to be. The environment is cool and the dishes I’m seeing got me salivating. Big ups.

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    Ofada boy,I heared about their launch, with this review, I will definetly love to patronize them.

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    lovely…had a nice time there too

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