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    I was shocked to see 5star for Olaiya, Surulere not even Borno way. No way! I aint a foodie but I love good food and a good atmosphere while I’m eating that good food.
    I have been to Olaiya, Borno Way a couple of times courtesy my work proximity to it and I must say their food is okay. So when I heard they had another branch at Surulere I was curious and needed to try it out.
    Went there with a friend and parking was quite easy as you say. Went in and then I noticed:
    1. The serving area setting was not it all, disordered and too congested.
    2. The portion for a wrap/sscoop of Amala was so small (ate 4 and still left there very hungry)
    3. I requested for Vegetable soup and was told it was just for people who bought pounded yam, Imagine that!
    4. Had a hard time making up my mind about another soup to go for since Vegetable and Okro was out, the soup lady didn’t find that funny
    5. There wasn’t light in the sitting area and there also were a lot of flies
    6. The meat I had (Ogufe) was completely tasteless, I mean not even salt.
    7. The waiters loitered about doing nothing and left dirty tables unattended to hence all the flies

    It was a terrible experience for me and I wouldn’t even dare want a repeat of that even if the food were to be FREE!

    1. Kome G

      There’s another Olaiya Foods that isn’t in Surulere? Omgee! Can you help us add it to the site and review? Click here to do so 🙂

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    That fish looks alive…x_x

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