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    I live on the island , but after seeing this review, i decided o check it out. Unfortunately, they didnt have plenty bread already prepared, but i went for the meat pie which was really good. The attendant was soo polite . i was impressed. Old country is student friendly. keep it up review naija, i always try out places listed.

    1. Efe G

      Awww! Thanks so much Miss Tayo. 🙂

      Please continue to rate businesses and drop comments! Hopefully you’ll send us a review someday. 🙂 🙂

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    I used to think it was a dream come true, but alas, ’twas just a dream. Their service has become crappy. I asked for some sliced bread at 9am, and paid for them. They offered burnt stale bread which I refused. Came to pick it up @ 3pm and the saucy salesgirl brought burnt, warm bread and laughed that she couldn’t slice it because it was hot- since 9am!!! Must you force me to pay for what I don’t want?

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    Their sardine bread isn't so good tho. The sardine in it is soo small.

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    I am in Love with the fairy cake too.

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