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    Olic 2 was nice I think Olamide prepared for it well and but when you are getting bigger as per fans base as a musician then you should expect things like this to happen in your events. Olamide should learn to work on the security aspect of his shows and also he should know that not everybody understand yoruba.

  2. SandraGee_

    I didn’t attend , but i watched it on TV. It wasn’t so great. The artistes were frustrated because the tables people didn’t even move to cheer them up.
    Normally,here in naija they keep the regulars in front and the VIP By the side , because regulars always give the encouragment while the VIP/table people (since they paid a lot of money) get to sit down and nod their heads.
    I don’t agree with olic sha. It looked like they were trying to spend so little. They didn’t have legit dancers. I do plan on writing on the mavin concert. Now, that is a concert . even people at home enjoyed it. I mean, at olic Lil kesh performed efejoku and nobody danced around the table ??? Ahhh! Please why did princess come. BTW! There were too many artistes.

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    Vip is a scam, don’t pay for it.

    This i truly believe…because for 18k price difference, regular should not be able to come downstairs to interrupt those seated behind the vvip; but yet again, tables have no business in a concert.

    Olamide is the biggest star in Nigeria and loved by the people tremendously. His style is very relatable and fits perfectly with the everyday Lagosian. so when a song like ‘awon goons mi’ is being performed, the real fans at the regular section get really really hyped and naturally would jump out their restricted areas just to be closer to their music star.

    This behavior isn’t out of the ordinary…in US or Europe, fans queue for days just to be at the front row of a ‘chrisbrown’ or ‘justinbeiber’ concert. So fans jumping out of the regular spot and making their way to the vip and vipp section should be expected. Olamide has that pull in lagos.

    Finally, for future shows, The organizers of OLIC need to consider making the upstairs the vvip section. i mean, just like the Operas, create booths and seats that are beautiful and worthy of the large sums paid for this section.

    Allow the real fans come towards the stage, let them all stand and actually vibe to the artist performing.

    This will create two things in my opinion,

    1) A more enjoyable show for everybody. VVIP can sit in peace and enjoy the aerial view of artist performing
    2) The real fans create the right atmosphere of a concert. hands in the air, singing back to acts and possibly tearing up while Olamide walks past singing their favourite tune.

    i know this can work…and honestly solve a whole lot of issues regarding this review posted by RN.

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