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    Well I personally disagree with this review. Your flop with OLX doesn’t render the site crap. You got bitten because you didn’t do your research well; not because OLX is meant to be that way.

    I have made a couple purchases from OLX, just following their instruction never to meet prospects in awkward places or pay before seeing the product, and those products have been far better than I ever imagined.

    I have equally recommended people to OLX, and they’ve been content with their “service”.

    Am I taking their side? No. But this review paints them black. Your Jumia experience may have been a flop, but OLX only required a bit of research.

    Follow instructions…and OLX is a biggie for any SMART person.

    PS: I’m not a staff of OLX. I’ve just simply enjoyed their “service”…by simply following instructions.

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    I once needed to get a cheap and decent accommodation within lagos mainland very urgently, around a year ago. After getting unsatisfactory results from estate agents I met physically, it occurred to me to check OLX website, and I found an agent that led me to a responsible accommodation around igando/LASU-IBA road that was not so expensive. OLX website has been very responsive and helpful to me, whether to buy or sell electronic items, get services done, or procure bigger things accommodation or cars for many years now. I recommend them to the general public.

    @lola.sayo instagram

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    Oh my. I would have just died if this happened to me. I’m sorry ehn. God will punish that man. What a wicked world.

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    Pele…it is well.
    That boo somewhere that u do not know will come across this post:) be positive.

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    oh my goodness. thats scary, i always go for the pay before delivery option, i guess i have to change tho. The guy though.. Thieves everywhere. This is where we need EFCC, but since its not billions, you wont see them there. SandraGee ask your boo to buy u a bb now. Dont tell me you are single.

    1. SandraGee_

      My dear, I am single o.. Its a very terrible experience, ive been trying hard to not think about it. LOL. i cursed the man o. Me, Daughter of God, Someone duped me. Its sad.

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    Oh my . I’m so sorry about your loss.. I hope someone rich sees this post and just buys u a new bb.

    They should close down that website mehn ! Lots of users be scamming people.

    And the bank should have been able to do something tho . It is well. There is God.

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