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    So the first thing I feel anyone should know before getting too excited is the distance, how very far off it is and depending on your location. I for one was coming from Iyana Ipaja, it seemed like forever just to get there, so point to note with that also, you should not go alone, go in groups, well but of course group outing is always much fun. Upon finally arriving we even passed it, proper signage should be put in place to better direct people. The road leading on is bad and I suggest repairs by government asap! It was surprising how much land Space I saw, so thumbs up how they made very good use of the space, parking won’t be a problem. I had assumed I would do all rides but mahn time flies real quick when you having fun, although they said they had no fuel for the quad bike ride when we moved over there for a ride and I was like ”say what”, after paying s lack of preparation and coordination but in all its great but its onto the next fun site for me.
    IG Handle: @the_aries_lady

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    I had so much fun,the best in years.My classmates are just the best.Omu,good one

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    Omu resort was so much fun. Pirate ship scared the sh*t out of me but that didn’t stop me from going back for more. I guess I loved the thrill somehow. A memorable experience indeed. Great review Sandra!

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    It was really an exciting time @ Omu resort, One I can’t forget in a hurry. I fell off the quad bike when I was trying to form badoo sneh…I was too scared to ride the horse alone, nd after many trials @ archery I still could not hit bull’s eye…but we all had fun…with very nice nd welcoming staff to guide us through the events, it was indeed a day to remember…

    1. SandraGee_

      Awwwn Oga G! Falling from the quad bike would have been a beautiful sight to behold.

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    Nice one sandra. It was a beautiful experience. How did you know the names of all those rides though?

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    That pirate ship should be reserved for torture.

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    Great article…but George’s a pussy though

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    I forgot to mention. I went on all the rides.

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    Most people won’t get it until the experience it. Pirate ship was wow! We went 270 degrees. For someone who has motion sickness, I went 3 times. At the end of my 3rd time on it, I knew if I tried it again, I would throw up. My Best rides in order of fun were 1) Space Ship 2) Go Kart. 3) Pirate ship. I wished we raced with the Go Karts though. It would have been no. 1.

    1. SandraGee_

      Yes! I wish we did race, but unfortunately, the karts kept breaking down.

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    oshey khal drogo
    I had a swell time

    1. SandraGee_

      Khal drogo! The guy who found love *winks*

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    It seems like fun. I am stunned @ the way you report. I will love to get in touch. My biggest fan.

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    i had soo much fun…

    1. SandraGee_

      me too! I had a wonderful time

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