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    My visit to o’naturals left me confused. On the one hand, I admire the founders for starting a natural salon on the mainland and respect the intention and effort, and also realize the problems I saw are likely present in other natural salons in Nigeria. On the other hand, some major improvements are needed.

    Let’s start with the positives. 1) Salon is spacious, clean and there are places to park both in the bank and on the street. 2) The stylist I worked with had natural hair, and was knowledgeable about some aspects of maintenance. 3) She was also pleasant, which cannot be taken for granted. 4) They have nice products for sale to help you DIY at home.

    The negatives, which made me sad. 1) The lady at reception is at best indifferent towards new customers. I’ve called a few times in the past and each time the response was just “Hello”. No mention of “O’naturals salon”.

    2) The stylist, though nice, combed my hair too hard and too long using the standard black comb you see in regular salons (not wide tooth).

    3) I’m not a fan of the pricing process. Things that should be included in the standard price are added on. Its like going to get a gel manicure and they say, you are paying N4000 for the Essie polish, N1000 for the trimming, N2000 for the UV rays. Of course by then you know that that entire bottle of polish is not even worth 4K. Again, its possible this is done in other salons. But I find it strange.

    4) The stylist tried to straighten my hair!! I was shocked. When I refused to let her use a hand dryer with the hot comb on my hair, she said that was the only way they trim hair. I suspect that other natural hair salons do this in Lagos, and I find it incredibly disturbing. If I want straight hair, I would ask for it to be straightened OR just go get a relaxer. There is no reason why in order to trim 4c hair it needs to be straightened. Barbers that use scissors to shape you up, do they have two heads? Further it is well known that straightening 4c hair comes with the risk of changing its structure every time you do it. Its like an esthetician telling me that in order to give me a facial, I need to first temporarily lighten my skin a shade.

    The whole experience was eye-opening. You clearly have to be on your guard when going to even a natural salon. I’m not paying 4x the price of a synthetic salon only to have to fight for my hair.

    My advice to the owners of O’Naturals is to please reexamine their menu of services and make sure that the default isn’t that natural hair is too difficult for them to do x, y, or z.

    1. Kome G

      Very insightful…thanks for sharing!

      PS – completely agree that a pleasant stylist cannot be taken for granted. #preach!

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