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    My company organized an event at Oriental on a Friday night, so we got rooms for the night. Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, preparing to check out, my two friends who came for the event were so hungry and complained to my boss that I wasn’t being a good host. My boss, who was trying to be a gentleman, offered to buy us lunch so we went to the Oriental restaurant.

    I can’t remember what we all individually ordered but my starter was shredded chicken soup with fried gizzard. My main meal was prawns and what we Nigerians call Spaghetti, while my friends had bbq fish in batter and some other kind of fish that came in a clay pot with rice. For dessert, we got fruit salad and chocolate cake. We were told that the food would take 25mins and I think it took about 15-20mins. The waiter was really nice and friendly. The food ended up being too much, so we all got to take some home.

    In general, service 5/5, food 4/5, environment and setting 4/5. I don’t know how long Oriental has been open but they really should maintain their current standards. The food was a bit pricey though. We spent about 35k! And yes! I’m perfecting my chopstick skills…China here I come!

    Attached is a picture of our feast!

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    Had some food here a couple of times. It's pretty good actually

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    Your blog about Chinese restaurants is really nice . Thanks for sharing your experiences. I like Chinese food very much and i have tried many Chinese recipes which i got from youtube and many other website. I like visiting Chinese restaurants in weekend.

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    Exactly how I felt when I was departing. Although I have to add that the dessert wasn't as fantastic as you pointed out. Everything was bland! Great setting, location, impeccable service (for Nigerian standards) and I feel that more Nigerian- based restaurants should emulate this one.

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    This reviiew is wonderful..starting from the setting to the food, the desert, snacks and all..and it's even easy to find thanks to the availability of the addy…I just have to eat there soon.

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    This review is so on point!not getting thai food was such a let down…I think we should have more places with excellent service like this,and I think they should review their chef's resume…..and add interesting dishes to their menu,we're bored with d same ol' stuff

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