Listed and first reviewed on: 01/15/16

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    All the while I went to otres lekki, the guys around were well behaved. I got my meal though it took alot of time.
    Keep up the good work and your place is neat. I will advice that you make the outside more inviting ,at first I wondered what the inside will be like when I saw the outside. It’s not that sophisticated and inviting . From@debbiekunmi on instagram

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    They did take a lot of time to prepare the food. The chicken Nkwobi was dope but the grilled fish left a lot to be desired. May go back and try other things.

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    I just wonder if Nigerian organizations take the time and effort to train their staff on proper customer service ethics. It just breaks my heart reading these kind of reviews, where the food and ambience are good but the service is poor.

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