Listed and first reviewed on: 01/23/16

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    Freshly made small chops on sundays only! Their spring rolls are delish! Puff puff is just ok. Samosa a little too much curry but not too bad. The pricing though is unreal; puff puff and mosa cost 10 naira each, spring roll and samosa cost 50 naira each!

    Also tried their ofada. The sauce was good, rice was ok but the meat wasn’t tender. The ponmor was but shaki and beef were tough. 200 for 1 serving of rice, 100/piece of meat, and 100 for the takeaway pack.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the small chops though! I shall be back….

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    Dear Efe G, you will be pleased to hear that we now provide a menu and price list of our items for customers. We also now have an additional frying post for the preparation of our puff puff on Sundays (making two persons) which should reduce the wait experienced by our customers.

    Thank you again for your comments.

    Management Owanbe Mart

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      Fantastic! Appreciate the update 🙂

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    Dear Efe G, thank you for your review of my restaurant. I am pleased that we are doing some things right and we will definitely try to improve in other areas.

    We keep our cutlery in clean fresh water on the table for three reasons. First it keeps it clean as dust or dirt or flies do not settle on it when stored. Secondly, the customer can immediately see that the cutlery is clean as the water is clear and this removes any worry. Third, the customer has immediate access to cutlery once their food is served and does not worry about where the cutlery has been stored or if it has fallen to the floor in the transfer.

    Thanks again. We look forward to seeing you again.

    Management Owanbe Mart

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    Nice review… a long post also thou… wouldn’t finish reading thru. I think you should try and shorten your posts.

    Great job

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    Owambe Mart!!! A.K.A mama put of the prestigious Lekki…lol

    well, i really had no clue about this joint until my friend took me on a sunday just for ‘puff puff’…but of course, seeing they had more to offer, i opted to wine and dine while the ‘puff puff’ was being prepared.

    in a nutshell, the food wasn’t fantastic…i have had better ‘mama put’ and wayyyyy cheaper too.

    That said, if you are into places like this and you cant be bothered to drive to the mainland (Apapa, Ikeja) then this right here might suffice.

    Puff Puff was okay…wasn’t worth the wait to be very honest…

    a 6/10 for me.

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